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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

!!!! Heavy Hands !!!!

Well good evening,
Good evenings,

In regards to my film tentatively titled
Heavy Hands

I came back to the area around my house yesterday to do “location scouting” (I’m going to put anything that sounds official in “ ” to avoid sounding like a: I know what I’m doing- Which I don’t or B: like I’m important-which I’m not. Maybe to myself I am. Anyhoot…)

Basically because I don’t really know what I’m doing I’m going to log everything I’m doing on this blog to keep it straight in my head, remember what I did and who did it with me. Not a very concise paragraph.

Also I believe that your “passion” be it film, painting, photography, writing, horseback riding, pig wrestling, fashion, music, cooking, learning stuff, teaching stuff, helping people, construction, whatever should bring the people in your life together. So this blog and the website that will follow will be a way for people involved in the film as well as those that are just interested to see my “process” as I make Heavy Hands.

Also it provides the opportunity for everyone to give me suggestions as well tell me I’m stupid for doing things one way or another. (Which I won’t listen to but will keep me in check and maybe hurt my feelings)

Heavy Hands is a film (BW Super 8) about a bunch of fucked up country criminals who get back at each other and stuff. (That’s the official blurb.)

So I’m looking for good country, outdoor locations to shoot a variety of scenes (suggestions?)

My email is

Here are some of the shots I took yesterday and today.

(all these sentences are coming out awkward. I would say that it’s because it’s late. But one AM is my 2:30 PM)

this is on a really empty road next to this crazy tower below.

Below are pictures from an abandoned motel outside of Fort Atkinson. I went by myself and it was scary.

Anyway thats all for now. Have to maintain some mystery right?
thanks for lookin.

Thursday, March 11, 2010