And hello Everyone!!!

It's good to have you. get comfy. Imagine we're in the same room, imagine I'm handing you a cup of coffee, or a beer, or cigarette.
Or soft, fuzzy slippers.
Peruse. enjoy yourselves.
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey, World Wide Dirt! Take a Chill Pill Already!

World Wide Dirt called me up the other day and was like-

“Sean Williamson! What the fuck man? You aint posting on me, you aint spreading the word, you aint doing nothing!”

And I said –

“Hey man! You need to back the fuck up! Back the fuck up!...I’m out here in the field, taking heavy fire, making you a film for your very own! Getting ready for a comeback, in a big, big, big way.”

So World Wide Dirt chilled out a little bit and we were all good.

It’s hard out there, ya know. I’ve heard that you have three great loves in your life – and we’re all just waiting for the new one to come around. Call it the second, call it the last. Call it what you will.

I’m sending in 15 new rolls of film today to the lab. Then headed to the studio where cree mania will lay down the final guitar parts for our new album.

Milly is headed to Costa Rica and I’m plunging head first into my new script.

Working title = “I’m Not Here to Fall in Love”

So World Wide Dirt, you can just take a chill pill. Cause I may be insane, I may drink too much, but there is no doubt I’m telling the truth.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is a pretty one.
She's probably funny, probably fun.
But I'll bet she's got quirks
of which she is embarassed
just like anyone else around
except for Joanie Harris.

Christina Hendricks is most likely needy
or else she's too detached.
Joanie Harris ain't either though
and her poise cannot be matched.

I'd spare some sugar for Christina Hendricks
and I'd even bum her a smoke.
But for Joanie Harris I'd drink thumb tacks
and lay down in hydrochloric acid to soak.

She's cute and rich and famous and stuff
and I'm sure she has other merits.
But I just want to sleep with Christina Hendricks,
I'm in love with Joanie Harris.

Christina Hendricks probably smells.
Good, I'm sure, but I'm just saying.
And she snores or she's boring or her friends are lame
or she likes a band I can't stand playing.

But Joanie don't snore and she don't have freinds
and they never zoom in on her record collection.
There's nothing not to like about Mrs. Harris
and if there were, I wouldn't know it to mention.

I've been to London. It was okay.
But I dream of going to Paris.
I'd buy a pint at the pub for Christina Hendricks
but I'd fall in love in Paris with Joanie Harris.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hi everybody,

So I have a new trailer, a new band and new problems for days. But fear not! Thats my job. Zing!

Hot Coffin (my new outfit) is playing Friday Dec. 16th at the Riverwest Public House. 9:30 sharp. Also playing Centipedes, Moon Curse, and Group of the Altos. tight! right?

I have my last shoot day for Heavy Hands tomorrow before the winter. Wish me luck. Also, new trailer here.

ok! thats it!


Security Guard

11 to 10 he don't blink an eye.
He's the flower mill night shift security guy.
For the good of the grain he must stay alert.
He can't read, can't sing, can't talk, & can't flirt.

There are four dozen TVs
in the bank on the wall,
but in monitor 14
is the most beautiful mill girl of all.

She's churning, she's sifting,
then the screen blinks to black,
then it's showing the back gate,
then the mill girl is back.

The picture's some fuzzy,
her name tag is blurred,
but he knows her name's too pretty
to put into a word.

One night on duty,
3 AM, the alarm yells.
The back gate's torn open
far as the sensors can tell.

But no thief's breaking in,
it's the mill girl busting out
and the guard flees just behind her
without a second's doubt.