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Friday, November 30, 2007

Get That Knowledge Olie!

So I never did take the opportunity of last week to talk about what we are all thankful for. Honestly probably too little or in some cases too much. It seems as though we are in the throws of just another year. Were 22 and kicking and really that’s all that matters, so here is my belated toast to love, life, family, friends, the struggle and the party. The only things that mean a god damn on this spiraling fuck-ball of pollution.


1. Getting locked out of your house will make you, for the amount of time until you get back in, homeless.
2. Getting down to brass tacks is like getting to it or shagging ass, as Royal Tennenbaum would say.
3. Getting drunk before a flight is absolutely no fun until you land hung over on the other end.
4. Getting to know your younger siblings now that they are older is like meeting someone cool who you feel you should be friends with.
5. Getting away with all the things you do doesn’t prove that you are suave or sneaky or cool but that you are as you always thought, an asshole.


1. The definition of "effluvium."
2. Fried boners is neither a real food or an appropriate Thanksgiving dinner
topic, even if it is an intriguing idea.
3. There's no place like home to feel baffled about your life.
4. Kisses that taste like cigarettes are a beautiful and allergenic symptom
of the times.
5. Our children are going to think we're dumbies when they realize we could
have aborted them all and spent the money we did to raise them on on some
great generational year-long vacation to a savage and misty island, where
love and freedom are as plentiful as batteries and grape soda are here,
where making love is as thoughtless as breathing, and infinitely greater
because it will have no foundation in our diseased consciousness, but
instead levitate somewhere between the sunshine and the clouds, there are no
children and there are no old people and no niggers and no chinks and no
kikes because the old man is also the boy and the kike is also the nigger
just as the wind is both my feeble breath and a cyclone capable of taking
thousands, and all of us will stand on the mountain, not even knowing who's
dream it is or what strange collage of reality and brainwaves could have
given birth to it, and scream to the world the name of our island.


It Simply Does Not Explain

Eulogies, you lucky
you lovey-dovey
yule logs doubly burn
your love doubts soon
soon is near and rear is rare
with a southern accent
a subdued accident
Sutpen's arsenic
sunny apprenticeships
ships that sail under water are submarines
i'd make a sub-par marine
supper morning?
asian-american soft mourning
adriatic corning
amnesiatic coarse courting
shooting one and one
hone in on the honey
shoes are one and thirty
your flapping soles are purty

Thursday, November 29, 2007


So some of Milwaukee's slickest characters are in the band Father Phoenix.
They just put out a new album.

they can drink a lot and grow facial hair. what have you ever done thats cooler? thats what i thought.

also the bass player from Supergrass broke his back in a sleep walking accident. who ever said life was fair.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ribs for Lunch and Lobster for Dinner

Saw I'm Not There at the Sundance Theatres yesterday and that movie was a fucking ride, a phantasmagoric gumbo of story and aesthetic, ultimately not really about Bob Dylan but some kind of meditation on identity, on life, on carrots and wastebaskets. Ultimately, the movie is so overwhelming that I truly don't know what to make of it. Epic and unconventional and I've been thinking about all day; it cruises through all the lives and wives and wonder and horror that a person could experience in a moment or in all eternity. A great big colorful exciting dream.
Also saw No Country For Old Men yesterday after I had got back from I'm Not There, exercised, ate, walked to get my roommate's car from Pizza Di Roma, saw my sister taking a smoke break outside of Triangle Market, ate again at Pizza D's, then drove back to the Sundance Theater, where I had to choose my seat before I went into the theater even though there was nobody else there, but they have comfortable seats and no commercials. So, this was an amazingly good movie. Some kind of contemporary The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, three amazing characters, three different wild journeys, all leading them to an epic and fantastic climax. No Country does not end in a graveyard three-way duel like Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, but some place just as amazing and compelling, and much more unusual. I don't even think of it as a Coen Brothers movie. It's unlike all of their movies in the same way that it's unlike any other movie I've ever seen, though it does play on a very familiar crime plot with a large bag of money as the key motivator for the film's action. On the other hand, a lot of the film's action is completely unmotivated and hopelessly random, just like "the bad" Anton Chigurh, the psychopathic force of nature that is the film's villain, which is part of what makes this such a special movie. Besides that, several Great performances from the entire cast (including Garret Dilahunt from John From Cincinnati and Deadwood), several beautiful moments that are so real and poignant and unusual to see in a movie that they have stayed with me all day, along with Todd Hayn'es images from I'm Not There and that pepperoni slice from Pizza Di Roma.

Monday, November 26, 2007

!!!Me Or MY No Nines!!!

oh, i may have stolen some of this, and have been rifling through the writings of my more talented brother and more talented co-blog owner-er.

it’s the song or maybe the time,
that makes it happen,
just to prove,
just to prove that snow exists, it showers
artificial off the ceilings, off the rooftops
just to prove, just to prove
and I smoke too much,
so my lungs kill, and my doubt kills and
i shake the congratulations and have no place,
for them or the kind words,
i smoke too much just to prove,
to prove to my lungs, that I’m boss.

whether it’s the season of the weather,
whether it proves the selfish savage plunder,
its not the easy parts that flush the blood,
from under my fingernails, in the back seat,
of my parents car, my eyes are bruised and
My nose is raw,
mostly just, the cause and effect,
Just to prove that I can do anything,
or more so that I can’t be told what not to.

it’s the kid that’s brothers of a dead friend, who smiles
who remembers that I am indeed, not really
just a fabrication, of less the, more than, the asshole
I used to be, or vice versa, in which
I crush pills under a card and snort what happens,
I snort the science but its too late,
could have, would have been doing so much more
had the mirror been busted out sooner,
Now I just stand on the porch with Parker
and mind not our frozen hands, the sun
it comes also, it comes soon.

proving that I am not faking it I sit on the couch
and talk with numb face and lingering tone, just
wanting, and both waiting to sleep,
as the beauty of my grandmother, keeps always
In still retreating crane, bird of never ending prey
just to prove that sleep brings comfort,
they are sleeping in the corners by the Mexican place
before im even home from work,
just to prove that I don’t want to go home,
I drag my breaking shoes through the canal
I scuff the remnants just to prove
Snuffing out physical recollection, of wandering

now and it kicks like the mule of bastard winter
the night mare that shakes its head and neighs telling me
that this is proving,
me in the hallway or in the street, kissing through,
the “I’m sorry” and “I should haves”
in the bar or in my home proving I am a better
friend than son and worst of all, being that,
proving my useless sense of love,
which is of course proving that I cannot
love both friend and woman, and only
family because I must

I believed in the dead times, and the ones that come still

Great Movie

Saw Beowulf in 3-D yesterday and it was so damn good I'm going to see it again today. I saw that it's got mixed reviews from movie critics, so I guess there are a bunch of movie critics out there who don't like movies. Ken Turan and Roger Ebert are so fucking jaded that they can't see that they've just seen Citizen Kane. Beowulf is incomparable to nearly any other movie that came before it beside Citizen Kane. Director Robert Zemezkis has up and invented a new visual language for the film that rocks hard and takes every opportunity it has to make a transcendently kick-ass movie with the expanded limits of CGI motion capture and this new Imax 3-D process. Swords fly over you, blood runs over you, and Angelina Jolie's bare ass is right in your face. Amazing! The action and the horror scenes are more inventive and immediately visceral than any movie I've seen in years, and I watch a lot of movies. The monsters are all off the hook, with Crispin Glover as the pathetic and tortured Grendel taking the cake as the coolest design for a monster possible.

It was written by, I think, two of the coolest guys on the planet. Roger Avary wrote and directed The Rules of Attraction, which is a similar movie to Beowulf in it's narrative invention, and also one of the best movies of the last five years. Neil Gaiman wrote my favorite comic-book and piece of literature ever with his 76-part series of wonder and horror called The Sandman. These two lovely gents got together and cooked up one hell of a movie. Besides the amazing action, this movie has some of the best characters in movies this year. Even the monsters are amazingly well-written. Beowulf is an amazing hero both as the legendary square-jawed hero he is supposed to be and as the morally complex character he becomes later in the film. Anthony Hopkins gives one of his best performances in years as King Hrothgar, a central character to the morality tale that is being told and also just a vibrant, hilarious, and deep person that was interesting to get to know, as with the many other great characters in the film, with great performances by John Malkovich, Alison Lohman, Robin Writght Penn, and a bunch of others. Avary and Gaiman have also managed to pack as many great sexual jokes into a PG-13 movie as could be possible, and it's a damn funny movie. The best parts for me are with all these ancient badasses just hanging around the hall and alternately having an awesome party and telling good jokes and then fighting monsters.

Its an epic adventure movie that is more maturely written than 97% of movies coming out this year, including bullshit dramas that are trying to be smart like that movie with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts that's coming out. I'll bet anyone $100 that I will hate that movie. Just go see Beorwulf and do it in 3-D. Will change your life.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


One time I had a dream that I played Bud Bundy on Married with Children, but I couldn't remember any of my lines and Al and Kelly were just looking at me as if to say, "What the fuck is your problem, Bud?"
"I actually kind of like my family," Al once said in an episode. I think this was a healthy show for our generation to grow up with. It teaches you you well about life; as children, this was one of the examples of adulthood that we had to base our own lives on. Al does not have money, or a nice personality, or a caring wife, and he resents his family and his job every day, but at the end of the day, his life isn't that bad. He always keeps his sense of humor and when its really important, he's there for his family. He's actually a pretty sweet guy when it comes down to it.
It gives a child good expectations to have about life. Things might just suck all around, but that's how it is for everybody so it's not so bad, especially if you can make a good joke now and then. Hell, if Al can be a reasonably good father, then there is probably hope for me and my Vietnamese triplets I have on the way. By the way, cheer up, Sean, because I'm naming them all after you.

Monday, November 19, 2007

No Fun, When You Can't Get None

This is pretty much how i feel.

5 Things I Learned This Week:

1. I get no respect. When I was born the doctor held me in front of
my mother. He said, "I'm sorry, ma'am. We did everything we could,
but he pulled through anyway."
2. Horoscopes are only true for Aries people.
3. Motherfuckers have some balls in Evanston, Illinois.
4. Nuclear fusion is only 30 years away from being given up on.
5. Don't trust people that remind you of Martin Short.


1. I should drive a car.
2. working is like loving a life sucking octopus.
3. Happiness is all the rage.
4. Nick Cage in Weatherman is like the uncomfortable uncle I never had.
5. Thanksgiving is about love, thanks and family and getting down with your bad self.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hells Bells and Night Mares

I had a dream last night with close to everyone i know in it. There is a website somewhere that make you believe there is a perfectly logical explanation for that and everything else that happens during dream time. Honestly though, give me a break.

I saw The Sleeping last night at the Henry Fonda. Doug has a huge beard and has a striking resemblance to Che'. I leaned up against the wall by myself like a jaded asshole but cheered when Bayside played a NOFX song.

There is a homeless guy that dresses like he's straight out of Water World that stands outside of the 7-11 by my work. recently ive been seeing him everywhere, which is strange for two fellows without cars, in a city this big. hell, maybe he's my junkie angel.

Maybe i'll go see Beowulf tonight. Fuck me.

I Shall Be Released

A cyclone went through Bangladesh today and it killed around 1,100 people including probably some people you would have liked if you had met them. And then that same cyclone destroyed the home of these people in the picture, which sucks for them. If that butterfly effect is right, then the cyclone could have been started by the applause at a Pantera concert years ago.

The good news is that even with the tragic loss of these 1,100 Bangladeshis to the great unknown, we still gained a couple of hundred thousand people on earth today because of all the baby's that were born all over the green and blue world. In fact, some smart scientists say that the human population is growing at a rate of 1.167%. So people die and people get born and it is not necessarily a good thing, but that's what happens and there's nothing else.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Road Trip!

I went to Evanston, Illinois this week for some reason. I stayed at my roommate's grandfather's house, which was very nice and on a John Hughes Chicago suburb street with enormous lawns. We drank his beer and ate his candy while we watched Friday and then we went out for a drink. Turns out they're not much on drinking there because no one was out and the bars closed by 1 and our bill was a hundred dollars after sitting there for a little over a half-hour. It was so painful to look at that I just started to laugh when I saw it, and we were going to ditch the bill, but I guess we were either not drunk enough or too drunk to run, so my roommate pulled out his Associated Bank card and we road off into the breeze that came from the lake and we smoked pot on the car ride home, and then watched the first half of Batman Returns (I could go on for pages about why this is both the best Batman movie and the best Tim Burton movie, but not today) before passing out in my roommate's cousin's bunk bed.

Hungover the next day, I took the best shower of my life and ate caramel corn for breakfast. We got high almost immediately and dropped off Billy at the American Airlines terminal at O'Hare. We stopped at an Old West Town that was built for some reason in Rockford, Illinois, but it was closed, so went to the steakhouse next door and admired the buffalo heads on the wall and met a cop named Randy. That day we drove back to Madison and decided it was a good idea to see a movie, so we say The Darjeeling Limited. That night I looked up that movie on wikipedia, which didn't tell me anything worth knowing, but I clicked on the Bill Murray page and saw this picture, which is of Bill Murray in 1971 when he made pizzas at a Little Ceasars in, of all places, Evanston, Illinois. Try to find a moral or lesson in any of this and I'll kill you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guest Author Wisdom

As the sun was going down in a little old town in West Virginia, I saw a man in brown, frowned and said you look like a big vagina. He said hold on son what do you know about big vagina's. I said they call me salt patty cause i fucked a fatty in Main. Ever since that morning i have felt a little insane. There are no rebuttal's and plenty of troubles when the fat pussy fucks with the brain. Ern-dog power.......

-Josh Erdman

We're on Our Own Now

Where can George go?

Hopping past jalapeño fields

And through Virginia orchards

And begging through the big city,

And burying the harvest,

And crediting the meagerest,

And editing portfolios

And navigating the way

And eating crab

And fabricating hairy grabs

And snatching robin eggs

And becoming friendless

And growing mild

And going wild

And in Ames

And not I

And Hot

And is

And I




Denny liked to squeeze a couple of drops of lemon juice onto his tongue and let it sting his taste buds sour for a second before the aftertaste, a rich kind of sweetness he had never known, started to bleed in from underneath. Louis, his friend, thought he was crazy for drinking the stuff without the water and sugar to go with it, but as co-proprietor of the stand, Louis knew Denny had every right to take whatever depraved pleasures he liked out of their raw materials. After all, Louis wasn’t about to count the glasses of lemonade or the occasional spoonful of sugar he’d had against his own profits.

Pebble Beach, Grand Master Flash

Its giving in so candid

It was trusting too much

Little blue crackled and black is the shell

Loving like death march, from here to Chicago

Pulling the last stitch on route to Seattle

Connection right? Is that how you say it?

Gangrenous couture. Sleep in it, breath the wit

Right aisle is cannon ball hall

Mulholland drive and pine crest court.

Fiction failing us, we have to face it

To heart to heart, the vision, it’s wasted.

Kids just looking

Red tiled floor

Baby doesn’t have a penny, for a tootsie roll anyhow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Belated Darjeeling

I only just saw Darjeeling Limited today and what a fucking movie it was. Wes Anderson's best movie to date, I would say, and you better listen to what I fucking say because I co-author a blog. Holy shit, though, it was good, wasn't it? Anderson shrank down from the epic sweep of his last two movies and focuses almost exclusively on three characters, all of whom are incredibly rich and interesting characters. Its more real than any of his other films and also more compelling. A lot of great, literary touches like the Bill Murray prologue just make this movie kick ass. Best line of the movie: "Look at these assholes." Also symbolic of the whole movie, or life as a whole if you think about it. "Look at these assholes." Not in a negative way, but just in the way that we're all assholes and just fucking look at us.
Everything worked well and the story was so very unexpectedly told. This movie has my favorite performances ever from Owen Wilson (maybe ties with Dignan from Bottle Rocket) and Jason Schwartzman. Adrian Brody was no slouch either and Anjelica Huston was scary. I had to watch more than ten minutes of commercials at West Gate Art Cinema, which was lame and kind of brought down my high, but I enjoyed the hell out of myself at the movie and I left a double-decker afterwards to let them know how I felt.

Damn the Man

Clang on turner truth, or so it's true. combimg, dragging, expertly wagging the dog.

your a pedal pusher, keep it pushing, harder harder.

is it sworn, are you broken, no less crossed, is the absence of function.


1. There is such a thing as too much meth, but it's still better than
not enough meth.
2. Δx·Δp ≥h/4π
3. There's no such thing as ass to ass resuscitation.
4. Madison is like that movie Crash. Everybody is Don Cheadle's
brother or the cop that molested you or someone else with a weird
connection to everybody else. But unlike Crash, it isn't the worst
movie ever to win Best Picture.
5. 3 turds in a toilet, one jumped out.*
*Thing #5 was used with permission of its author, Jacob Erdman.


1. Milwaukee does not have a crime problem. Go figure.
2. I believe in the power of love. or is it mud?
3. This weekend Adrian Peterson had summoning sickness.
4. fifth grade math.
5. Jacob Erdman is no Walt Witman.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Selma Get Crazy

This weekend i drank too much one night, just enough the next, played mini golf, watched the vikings get killed, enjoyed the fuck out of No Country For Old Men and told Josh Brolin so when i randomly saw him on an escalator like ten minutes later.

I'm Thouroghly jealous of you Madison yahoo's who got to check out Murder By Death this weekend. damn.

I just got caught up with Heroes and am so stoked for tomarrow. That flying kid had a small part in the movie Election, which i watched agian the other day.

Moving into the lesser but still entertaining works of HBO and Showtime I've been getting into:

Tell Me You Love Me
The Tudors

Murder By Death and Such

They played last night as part of the Madison Pop Festival at a kick ass show with some other bands while it rained outside. They played a ton of stuff off of Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?, which I enjoyed because that's my favorite album of theirs. The singer looks like Mose Schrute and has the roundest eyes in the world. It was free, which was also nice, and the beer flowed, and somehow I knew every person that was there. It was like some kind of wet dream, except I was awake, but I did have a mess in my pants afterward.

I'm just mad about Tyler Donovan.

Good weekend if you give a fuck about Wisconsin football, which I don't, but I was on the sideline during the Michigan game yesterday, next to Ron Dayne. What the fuck did you do this weekend? 34 to nothing has also got mofo's excited around here.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Final Thoughts

For the first time in my life I met a pair of twins today and they were from the Twin Cities, which sounds like something from a bad short story, but it was true.
At the time, I was talking about traveling and something about whatnot at a bar and I think Blondie was on the jukebox.
The other day, a woman walked up to the cashier at the neighborhood liquor store and asked him if he was Chinese or Japanese, and he said that he was neither, and she asked what neither meant, and he said he was from the Philippines, and she said "Phillippino? Fuck Yeah."
Also sounds like something from a short story, but it is true.
Where was I in all this?
I don't remember.
Maybe I only dreamt it. Maybe you only dreamt me.

!!!!Roll Call!!!!

Science Experiment # 13782: Cross breading fat guy with pineapple.

Man i am full of beans tonight, I just got done with a long week of work and am sitting drinking a Stella (how swanky).
Tonight at work we had a 90's rock session including tracks from:

Counting Crows

Butthole Surfers

Gin Blossoms

Our Lady Peace

Eve 6
Matchbox Twenty

Goo Goo Dolls
Red Hot Chili Peppers

and Live
...Just to name a few.

The Dear Hunter played last night at The Mayan Theater and if you don't like this band you've lost your fucking mind. Added bonus was Andrew Wildrick of The Junior Varsity rocking the keys , guitar and singing...thats right folks...a bunch. Awesome. Circa Survive brought the house down with showers of ballons and confetti, Anthony Green once agian proving that his is an insane singing alien from hell.

Packers and Vikings this sunday. Put your predictions in now so i can rip you apart come monday...or vice versa.

No Country For Old Men comes out this weekend in LA, (living in a huge dirty ass city has it advantages)...hold onto you butts.

oh and
The Blood Brothers broke up...raise your hand if you give a shit...anybody...anybody...Bueller...Bueller

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Return Oh Thunder

I wrote this some time last year. Now your all subject to it.

Way above you see it, like ants it moves so slow. The rain it is another thing that makes this story whole. One street there sits a wedding cake without a groom, a father left and missing in a young mans doom. It comes like sheets, blankets to smooth the quelling disturbance in this small town, a few streets, not long. House to house, the quiet runs about, stealing all the hope they ever had. Don’t be distracted, for life has choices that need to be met and shallows exceptions can easily blur the line. You’ll see it all now. You will see it all now.

Waking up is never easy especially when you need the rest, but today is a day for important phone calls. He sleeps anyhow and his hair is a mess, just a vagabond lying in bed. Many hours he had promised not to waste this day. He was to get up real early, take drugs and then shower and slide on his only pair of jeans. So he does but a few hours to late, he feels rested and ready to go. The drugs happen long before the shower. Flies are buzzing about, it’s late in the summer, and the bustling clamor had long ago headed south. For each one fly he sees four or ten, in a trail they move by his bed, no need to swat, they don’t exist, he knows it too. He just needs fresh air or a shower to wash his hair so he steps into the bathroom disrobed. The water runs down and he can feel his breathe, for the first time see its function. His stomach fills like a balloon and he thinks of an Indian wineskin. He sees his veins pulse and watches them move within him. He closes his eyes and he is lost, time has no meaning. He struggles to get back, shakes his head, this only makes things worse. In the living room his friends are watching porn and it makes less sense to him than usual.

“Jimmy, roll up your windows, its greenish out there.”

“Its my mom’s.”

Always the bride’s maid never the bride, fifty years and some things never change. She rolls the ring around in he hand while the party goes on; she had already paid for the catering and the DJ, she hadn’t expected a liar in the man she loved, waiting at the alter he abandoned her heart to break. An absent fiancé, a bastard son, at least her friends enjoyed the bar. She stared at the wedding cake and made a wish, he had picked it out you see and the groom on the cake unmistakably had hair, Leonard did not. The frosting was foam green like the car she gave her son two years ago, before things fell through. Tonight was suppose to be a night to celebrate, not for spite, so she left, cake under arm and into the street, not to fight, she left it there for wolves and vultures alike. She plucked the groom and hung it from her rearview. Now it started to come, curtains of rain had been pulled too close to shut out the night’s new gloom. She pushed the pedal in her brand new Chevy and drew a bead on the cake, for the sake of erase, she thought of her marriage and hate. Wheels spinning, she barreled onward, she didn’t cringe when she smashed the cake. She thought of this night and the mistakes on her way, she thought of her fate and the wish she had made.

Slides in movement toward the end of time like layers of film they set the story straight. Jimmy walks around the kitchen and doesn’t see that the building slides in his wind meal mind will lead him toward the light. In the laundry room he feels the socks and pairs them two by two. He sees within himself things that hurt and are all too true. It hurts in the way that you can’t feel it but in other times you’d fall to your knees. He thinks of his mother and her bastard of a boyfriend, how she chose Leonard over him. Things are more, they are more than they seem, and he feels the guilt and the weight. For a second he may see himself as others do, that he is selfish and destructive, apologies way over due. There are few times in a young mans life when things seem less hopeless and bleak, there is only one reason, the drugs in his body, that he sees the error in his ways. He will wake up tomorrow and forget the truth, nothing will change. He moves to the door and steps into the world that feels like a dome due to rain. Out to the street he sets his feet, the thunder and rain make him free. He does not stand there long with lungs full of joy and a mind full of blur, and a Chevy mows him down. He feels no pain he just knows what there is no need to say. He feels his life expire all the same. Just down this street break lights burn in defeat she didn’t see anything there. She jumps out and runs to his body lifeless, un-moving. When she sees whom it is she wails and she screams, recognizing her son Jimmy’s face while it bleeds, he has gone on to eternal sleep and now she really has nothing. It goes quiet, all of it, the rain doesn’t stop it persists, but she thinks of the wedding cake and she thinks of her wish. She wished that her boy would be safe, she had sworn him away for Leonard one day, she regrets it so much her soul caves. It slows now, all of it and she looks at him deep, like a mother should, and Jimmy begins to breath. He shakes himself off and flawlessly gets to his feet. He looks at her, see looks at him the storm makes their bodies clean. Life is funny if you make it, like a jar full of bees when you shake it, avoid the sting and believe.


Heroes was righteous last night. Past, present, and future. Mystery, romance, suspense. Try to enjoy them while they're on. Those writer jerkoffs in Hollywood decided they have it rough, so they're not going to go to work anymore. If the strike lasts, then in a few weeks there will not be new episodes of Heroes or The Office, and shows that are on hiatus right now (shit like Lost, Weeds, Entourage) are all in jeopardy of being postponed.
I heard that Greg Daniels, the showrunner for The Office is picketing his own set and writer's guild members like B.J. Novack, Mindy Kaling, and Steve Carrell didn't show up to the set of The Office this week either. It's symbolic of a dark future. Just when TV was getting good, and if they don't clear this shit up soon I'm going to have to start finding real people I like as much as Jim and Hiro.
Now all I have to look forward to is $1.50 rails at the Dice.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Half Nelson / The 11th Hour

I'm going to go ahead and recommend that everyone see Half Nelson. Ryan Gosling plays a crack head teacher at an inner city middle school which is obviously cool. It falls into the pretty typical unlikely friends category but individual performances by Gosling and Shareeka Epps set it above other similar films.

Del The Funky Homosapien is releasing his first solo effort in seven years. The 11th hour drops February 26th.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

!?!Five Things I learned this week!?!

Thing is Adrian Peterson beat the nfl rushing record. So any news or writing for the last
few days would have been overshadowed if done at all. Viking get to 3-5, next stop Super Bowl.

"Any Given Sunday is more than just the name of a bad movie."

BJ Novak performed at the at the improv, Mindy Kaling was a special guest along with other
comic super heroes. Watch the office. Read Creed Thoughts.

"The eyes are the groin of the head."

a lot of exciting things going on this week. honestly. honestly.

(special shout out to the miracle Green Bay Packer and Bryan Mach. Peterson is coming to town. Hold onto ya butts.)

1. Facebook has captured our minds and warped our hearts.
2. People age faster in Basco, Wisconsin.
3. There is no use in kidding your self.
4. Rimjobs are not for the faint of heart.
5. Who stole the kishka.


1. you can't eat only chips (despite what mitch says).
2. i was a nun in a former life.
3. the camera ads on 15 std's
4. two turds in a toliet, one jumped out.
5. Im nine years old (ex.#4)


Friday, November 2, 2007

The Golden Age of TV

Too busy the rest of the week, so I just watched the new Office and Heroes back to back. Yes, I know it's a Friday night.

Both kicked ass big time. Good to see on Heroes that everybody is getting down. Sylar is digging on his "shiny new toy" Maya, Peter is getting pretty hot and heavy with what's her name from Cork, Hiro's sharing forbidden kisses in feudal Japan, and Claire's going with that dude that was in Election. Mohinder was even looking a little turned on by Nikki when she introduced herself as his new partner. Makes you wonder what the rest of the season has in store? I'd like to see Noah have some kind of extra-marital thing go with some sexy mutant, because he's too cool for his wife. Don't quote me, but I'm betting on Parkman and Micah's cousin Monica hooking up for next sweeps.

Heroes is a great show, but sometimes the dialogue sounds like it was written by five year olds. They should hire someone to just cut out every line that sounds like it belongs in the baloon of an old comic book.
Office was genius as usual. I like the demystifying of Jim that's happening this season. Before, he was just the one guy that was too cool for school and always got the joke that no one else did. This season, they're not afraid to make him look just as stupid as anyone else. His scene this week with Karen has to be the least comfortable and cool he's ever been on the show and his try at the Finer Things Club is definitely another example of him being on the same level as the other characters.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Love in The Time That Bothers Ya

I'm going to get this one just under the wire...or whatever the expression is. there are just a few things i have to say...

I'm not sure how people do this as long as they do, but i guess i don't really have a choice but to find out. I hope everyone is ok out there, because i can't be everywhere at once and because i don't have a car...i really can't be too many places at all.

Its savage and lonely to do what we do, people you know, its rough. I just hope that we're ok, you know. there are a lot of people who arent.

but its a new month. so...

Be real.
write poetry for someone you love.
pick flowers.
throw a football.
hum a tune.
and if needs be, end.

Murder By Death signed to Vagrant also. Red of Tooth and Claw comes out spring 2008.