And hello Everyone!!!

It's good to have you. get comfy. Imagine we're in the same room, imagine I'm handing you a cup of coffee, or a beer, or cigarette.
Or soft, fuzzy slippers.
Peruse. enjoy yourselves.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pin racket, it darned

In marathon inspection, bold neck
Harlem sleeps in lessons.
Get awesome young Blossom,
with Joey at the auction.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Before you go...

in belly she wandered - dead legs,
eyes all Amber,
tortoise sad kiss, murder in an alley,
well meant and honest
(and it usually is)
Promise, not promised.
well shelled, vancant.
lost in human sections.
base lined - and no nine
On the boardwalk in the alley

Thursday, October 21, 2010

bury last year, bury it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i drove home drunk to get away from you

I ordered a beer
but my brand's keg was cashed
so I lowered my standards
and opened a Blatz.

A hot mama walked in
with eyes both so blue.
I wanted to meet her
'til I realized she was you.

And I know what it is
to have the DUI blues,
but I'll risk a dewey
just to get away from you.

I close one eye
to see one road, not two,
cuz I drove home drunk
just to get away from you.

Now there's puke in my beard
and shit on my shoe.
Last night was bad.
I hope yours was too.

I popped my front tire
and smashed up my grill
and I'm still too drunk
to know how to feel.

I got home zig-zagging
on back country routes
and if I didn't cry for you,
it's cuz I was blacked out.

My brain tastes like whiskey.
My soul wreaks of beer.
I'm staying in to drink tonight
cuz I know you won't be here.

I closed one eye
to see one road, not two
cuz I drove home drunk
just to get away from you.
Yes, I drove home drunk
to just to get a long way from you.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lost Notes & A Vague Calendar Alert

This is on a 3 x 5 card I just found in my moleskin:

"I was thinking that I didn't know enough kinds of people or didn't understand them well enough.  I looked in the mirror and imagined myself w/ less hair.

That was an intense period.  I was at the computer lab working on the book & working 60 hr weeks.  Some people my age have to kill other people.  We all do things.  Anybody can do a lot of things.  Why does he do that?  How does it relate to what's inside?  You can take a body & put it somewhere.  Sometimes it's called kidnapping, drafting, imprisonment, grounding."

Wow.  What an insightful soul.

Also, important things!
 Ther is a show tonight.  FTT in Whitewater.  Reunion/Goodbye Show Plus after Party in Whitewater Old Armory at 7 PM.
There is a Shift Freedom show on Monday at a place and time that I don't recollect.  Sean and I, as honorary members of Shift-Freedom Leauge, will be reading some BRAND NEW SHIT!  Perhaps I will update this post when I remember the details.  It's evocative title: "SHIFT FREEDOM IS DEAD"
By the way, here is the Shift-Freedom website.