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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summertime Howl

While watching Bravo you are bound to see at least three Bravo ads every commercial break. I don’t get it. They’ve won. I’m already watching Bravo.

And she is screaming in the kitchen breaking some things.

I bought Miller 64 cause I thought I was getting fatter. I just drink twice as many.

“I need something from you!” she says and puts her head down on the counter.

Ramen is a good snack. I remember when it was ten cents a package, now it’s almost thirty. What a rip off.

She tears at her shirt “Can’t you see me bleed? Don’t you see anything? Don’t you care? If you want me gone, just say it.”

I don’t. If she could just sit and be quiet, we could watch Top Chef and everything would be fine.

1st Words

1st words

here i'm catching your words in the air like a butterfly who is

fluttering his winds inside the morning breeze. it's strange to find

somebody who could understand deep feelings and to keep looking scents

and learning with the sunrise message. in that way, magic changes a pc

for a soul, and gives me the possibility to share everything i find,

lost pieces to unite two lands. here where i am , i can feel the

nature smells , but not like yesterday. everyday and every time people

is robbing our environment, creating lifestyles, imposing rules, which

i don't believe. because i still believe in the strong and

unpredictable soul language that in silence can communicate more than

usual. so that idea let me feel that all we do isn't just trying to

survive, and it's to learn more, growing like van gogh sunflowers

looking for the sun, enjoying each moment and understanding that world

has hidden surprises for us ,and all we have to do is getting that,

and live the process knowing that our melancholic and our joy transcend

like our wild nature, waiting for the time to meet each other in a

same halo.

Acabo de pensar en esos momentos de estar volando en el cielo liquido

del mar, el mismo mar que tal ves nos une y separa. pero ¿Alguna vez

has visto la cantidad de colores y formas que guarda nuestro mar, el

mismo que esta entre el imaginario de tu urbe y la mia? es el primer

paso para acercarnos,ademas es entrar a un avismo infinito de

silencios en donde reconoces lo pequenos que podemos ser y lo mucho

que podemos cambiar todo. sin embargo, camino por las mismas calles

olvidadas, tratando de esperar la primera lluvia y tambien imaginarte

y en un suspiro robarte una de esas sonrisas escondidas que tienes.

pero no estas en ese plano solamente siento con tus palabras la misma

sensacion de poesia que yo con un alma dispuesta a ser descubierta y

compartida. poco a poco te ire entregando algo de mis sueños para que

pongas el color que mas te guste. no se te olvide tocar el los

delicados rayos de sol que se filtran entre los arboles, respirar,

llevarte de la piel de tu amada el perfume con el que escribe su juego

de seduccion. no olvides saborear, probar, soñar reirte y llorar y

tambien que la luna es la misma que te da la luz y que ilumina las

noches y dias en que mis palabras vuelan hasta abrazarte pero se que

hay cosas que se escriben en la piel espero poder hacerlo.

Stefannia Doria

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Please, I Need A Ride Out

I now regret dropping that acid.

It’s a steamer out and August hasn't been very good to me. Justin dropped by and gave me a couple hits wrapped in tin foil. I took them, went to the lake and the algae in the water was buzzing electric.

I went back to the house and Big Tom was there eating eggs and bacon out of the frying pan, sweating like a goddamn monster and I quick took a shower.

And closed my eyes, and for a second I was lost, folded peels, pushed inside themselves.

Then I forced my eyes open and gasped. I turned off the water and for a second I was alright again. But then I noticed the flies. They all had long trails so the hundred flies in the house looked like a trillion. Which was scary as shit so I ran out the front door.

Just then Newman pulled up and I jumped in his truck. We drove a few miles out of town which felt like the other side of the world. I drank savagely from the artesian well that sat on a long stretch of ghost house road.

I felt it there, the distance between farmers and their shadows.

“Do you want to go to a party?” Newman asked. I agreed and drank out of a bottle of Jack under the passenger seat.

It was a 3 PM on a Tuesday. Neither occurred to me.

And we drove to a pole shed on the big farm over looking highway H and I understood what was going on.

“What is this party for?” I ask.

“My aunts 50th birthday.”

I swear under my breath and we head in anyway.

First things first, his mom comes up and takes off my glasses and asks me if I’m one of Newman’s druggie friends.

“I don’t think so but my PO does” I say. She doesnt laugh but she tells us to get some food anyway. They have a great spread but I don’t want to eat anything.

I keep thinking I am seeing truths but I get distracted and figure I should get a plate, to look normal if nothing else.

I sit down with his grandparents and drunk uncle and look down at my plate. I pick up a chicken leg but the meat is squirming around on the bone so it takes me a second to bite into it.

I sigh with relief because I am being largely ignored. I lean back and light a cigarette. Three guys in kaki shorts and Hawaiian shirts play a cover of Freebird in the corner.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Let Me Clarify

Do not drink and blog. Nothing good will come of it. unlike this picture, which everything good will come from. I am alive,
your friend,


Don't worry. my will is in my email. I'll bother my brother to figure that out.

fuck everything.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


The search is over. You’ve found what you’re looking for.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cocaine Is An Empty Promise

It was easy and it shouldn't have been.

I dated Becky Reynolds and Jamie Sandoval. I pitched some good games in high school, I was pretty good at the guitar (before I quit). I told good jokes, I could drink a lot of beer, I wore cool clothes and had a lot of friends. I was popular.

When I finished school I figured it would be golden, from there on out.

Now I’m at the corner bar by the race tracks and no one is looking at me. No one is laughing or buying me drinks. Got no job, got no honey. I got shit, that’s what I got.

My degenerate friends, as least as slimy as I am, call me “dirty”.

Sometimes, I’ll sit and eat in a chair by the road. I’ll watch people pick their noses while driving but they are going somewhere. To or from work, getting their kids from daycare.

Eventually I’ll turn away and look in the store windows. I’ll get distracted by a fly on the wall or an Indian girl with a nice ass and short black shorts.

I wish I had been abused more, pushed more, ridiculed more, hit more, embarrassed more. Humbled, then humbled again and again.

Cause if I had it wouldn't hurt so bad to be like this. To be a shadow, to fall in and out of love for the first and last time when you were sixteen, to be a terrible drunk, and to fail, endlessly.

But I always remember I have some friends and a family. No matter what I cannot give up because in the end I may have a chance to dive on a bomb for them.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Connect With The Passings

I visit grandma every few months. Which seems nice but isn't. Silent Glen is not far from my house. Hell, I could probably walk there in an hour or so. By the way, Silent Glen is a terrifying name for a place that old people live.

There’s a sign outside that says “Silent Glen, adding life to years” and the first ten times I visited I always read it as “Silent Glen, adding years to life” which I thought was a pretty ballsy claim.

I bring a DVD of “The Notebook” for my grandma. I figure old people like sappy movies staring old people, maybe not though. No matter.

I hit on the receptionist. We went to high school together and she blew me in a closet at a high school house party. Surprisingly she wasn't interested in the stupider, fatter, unemployed version of me.

You see a lot of partials in the halls of an old folks home. A man garbling a partial sentence, a woman partially remembering her own daughter, countless residents partially getting a spoonful of soup in their mouths. All partial, and half-life and death fade into new days, everything is replaced.

I walk into her room and give her the DVD. She takes it, tells me she has already seen it, tells me she didn't like it, then thanks me anyway.

She complains that her daughter, my aunt, never visits. And then it is silent for a while. I get up to leave and ask her what she is doing tomorrow. She says she is getting ready to die.

“Are you ready to die?” She asks.

“Always.” I say with a smile.

We laugh like crazy and she dies the next day.


“Trying to grow up is hurting, you know. You make mistakes. You try to learn from them, and when you don't, it hurts even more.”

- AF

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just Like That

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what'll i do?

i was trying to find this song, "What'll I Do?"

but i didn't know the name of it so i typed: "what do i do"

the top searches starting with that are: "what do i do with my life," "what do i do brett favre," "what do i do when I’m bored," "what do i do now," "what do i do if the condom broke,""what do i do if my ipod won’t turn on," "what do i do if my dog eats chocolate," "what do i do if i lost my passport," "what do i do with a 1098-t."

Line Out

“And I was in the UP working for the railroad. And this girl wanted me bad. Calling my hotel room. She got the number from the front desk, which has to be illegal.”

I nod because it probably is.

“Anyway, we go out. Have a great time. See some live music. Go back to the hotel, have a great night.”

He spits his dip in a V8 bottle. It’s almost full.

“And then I know it. She is texting me every fifteen minutes. And we get together again and while I’m in the bathroom she calls my wife and tells her about us.”

“Holy fuck.” I say.

“I spent most of the day explaining that one. I got five kids man. My wife understands some things like that.”

Then his wife calls and he answers.

Six Flags stands alone in the fog outside the bus window. The American Eagle and The Giant Drop are nightmare dinosaur carcasses suspended in the near bankrupt amusement park.

I think about five kids. This guy is twenty six years old. One year older than me. Five kids. Five human children.

I overhear him say “Sometimes people just need a little helping hand”

He hangs up.

“That is a crazy story” I say.

“Women are crazy man. But you know, life goes on.”

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday Morning Dirt (Late Tuesday Edition)

Here we go. I’m headed to Chicago right now to kick it with some old friends. And after that I fly to Ft Lauderdale and after that I’m off to Colombia (after a 10 hour layover) and then (because I’m getting in late) I’ll be napping it out in the industrially charming Mecca that is Barrenquilla.

Sitting right next to the bathroom on the Greyhound bus. Hopefully nobody poops. I know everyone has to eventually but now now, please not now, not like this.

Wisconsin is fucking the sports world up this year. Thats for sure. Packers win the super bowl, Badger football in the Rose Bowl, Badger basketball and Marquette both in the Sweet 16 and as fucked up as it is, the Bucks could still make the playoffs, not like anyone cares, not like it would matter.

Tiki Barber is making a comeback. I predict he starts playing baseball as well. Together Tiki and Deon Sanders fly off to heaven.

It’s been a long couple months and I will miss hanging out with the dogs all day. I will miss Number 1 teriyaki. I will miss many other things. But there comes a time to take off the sweat pants and that time is now. I lifted weights and watched what I ate but it didn't last.

I start shooting Heavy Hands again in two months. Summer should be a hellavu time. A real humdinger. I am gonna eat the shit out of some meat on a stick in about 48 hours. Thats for sure.


So I wrote that last night. I ended up staying with my good pal Kristen in Chicago last night. We kept making jokes about how we were going to drink a bag or premixed margaritas, then we did.

I slept all the way to Florida and then I had a ten hour layover. I ended up taking a cab to some badass old movie theater I found by accident. It’s called the Gateway Theater. If you are ever in Ft. Lauderdale ( and I know you will be ) I suggest it.

Then I spent the next couple hours in a bar called Kim’s Alley bar.

I caught a cab back to the airport, ate some Sbarros and now I feel hung over and shitty. Go figure.

The NFL will start kicking off from the 35...So that’s something...

Alright. I’m gonna nap it out till my plane comes.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Drive Summary

It isn’t a bypass, it’s a death tunnel.

War historian Stephen Ambrose was from here. I had never seen him but so it goes. And when they constructed a short stretch of pavement around the city, they named it after him. Stephen Ambrose Memorial Highway. Which was fitting because the highway was our D Day. A cursed force of destruction that maimed and killed more than any single thing in our town’s history.

They tried to fix it, they added stop lights and guard rails but the damage was done. The highway had already taken too much. And it continues to take. A kraken where calm fields and swaying corn used to be. We never needed it but we we made it anyway. Our Grendel.

From time to time I will forget the madness and take the road anyway, around blind corners, down steep hills, I’ll take it. And besides wrecking a car in the winter of 2006 it has left me unharmed. The great arm keeps ticking.

I make it to a different highway and pass a cross at the fields edge. A friend of mine died there. She hadn’t seen the car coming from the left. That was five years passed now. I feel the dead are watching over me.It’s good to have friends.

I stop at Newman’s and drink a couple of beers. They are the sweet kind. I don’t much care for them. He tells me he’s buying into the world ending in 2012 and I try to argue but give up. I’m tired of the end of days talk. Maybe because, for me, It would defeat all purpose. If the world ends I’d die and I’d never be a famous dead guy because everyone else would be gone too.

So why would I write this now? Why would anyone do anything?

I head back towards 43, readying myself for a drive I had made hundreds of times (and if the world doesn't end) would make a thousand more.

I stop at The Vegas Club and have a drink. The busty dancer isn't there and I talk to the bartender for a while. I relay what Newman said about the end of the world and she laughs.

“You wouldn't believe how many guys have been coming in here, crying into their drinks about the end of the world.” She ties here hair back and leans over to me. “Do you really think it’s that bad?”

“I don’t know.” I say “Maybe this place is just depressing.”

“We all make our own decisions mister. Drinking and having titties shoved in your face shouldn't be depressing. Don’t you dare project on me.”

And we both laugh till we’re about to bust and drink whisky shots.

“You know what the funny thing is?” I said. “This morning, between little dream fits, a man came and told me everything I needed to know. But when I woke, I had forgotten.”

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Jason Leighton!!!

“Cheers to one more trip around the sun!” - JL

Long And Short Mess

One boot crowded

little hat mud-bud

ties string

wild turkeys

(couldnt drag me away)

Human catfish, hunan catfish

blood sausage

row vote oar

bag it down mine shafts

drop ignited dynamite -


the coolest guy in the western hemisphere

i turned from the credits & the lobby
in perfect yellows & reds, the usher
boxed into the doorway at the end
of a hall
and they looked like another projection
on a smaller screen by a less subtle cinematographer

i left the theatre, recalibrating to this world
and it surprised me
the air was humid and delicious
i hadn't expected sunlight
& it was blue & gray
& the neon and the fumes & my half-open eyes
& it felt like visiting the big city when i was a kid,
like taking a trip to reality, like living in the movies

i took out my phone & stood in a dearskin jacket
& wondered if looked cool like javier bardem
by the curb & everyone was out
& a woman tapped on my shoulder
i had seen her in the lobby
she was wearing quilted blankets
& i took the phone from my ear & looked at her
"i need food.  do you know what that is?"
i wanted to hear the message.  i pinched 2 quarters
and drew them from my jeans change pocket
"that ain't food."

i saw her dustdrag the quilts
& i pressed 1 to replay the message
i called someone else & said i wanted to walk
but i sat on a bench & then a concrete block
saw a torn bag of drained liquor bottles
then it was night & i bought groceries

Friday, March 18, 2011

Party Time

I decided to stop drinking booze and that went ok. Now I’d be drugged by some funny friend dropping a shot of Jameson into my Miller Light.

It was busy at Denny’s and I wasn't up for darts, or really anything else. I talked to Little Ern. He tried to convince me to move with him to Cupertino or somewhere around there. I’d like to but won’t.

I watched March Madness and saw a friend from middle school. He wasnt doing well. Neither was I.

Tina Caldwell asked me “What the fuck is wrong with you?” I shrugged. “Yeah, laugh it off - you’ll always be alone”

“Promise?” I asked.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


a trike motored by size-1 feet
forges puddles spring
has pissed in its path
after gulping winter in sooty shards
the street is dull and soft clay
and i don't know where the dirt came from
everything is 1 color from 5 to 6

they holler and i don't know any kids
i talk to them like they are waiting to be adults
like i have gone back in time
& met my mother & father in miniature
i treat them like commanding officers
when i have joined the army in a dream
& blanked on all protocol

light in so little armor
the day rolodexes & catches its finger in the Gs
& ladles the blood out into storage
for tomorrow or saturday

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


"I'm not pithy when asked to be." - DW

Happy Birthday Brother. May the next 15 - 22 years be as rewarding as the first 28.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Closing

War torn sinners,

win but arent winners

losing all traction

screeching together

Dogs On The Run

Stand together !!! They cannot shake us all !!!

Dear Shackles

Lash down the piteous rex. That low down kind of harm. I rest for only hate and love and guns and things that take. Unlearn! Unlearn the lessons of the riverbed, the points of cross bearers gloom. Slave ships and bottles full of marbles in the quake of me.

No ring, this scar, this seem, coagulation between the slates of skin. Busted roses bloom to Braille, its new kindness that retreat.

I will die young, falling shorter than the bushes in summer. crackle in the ember snakes snapping through the snow. Bravest child would kick through the neighbor’s briar patch, steal their tomatoes, apologize to nothing.

Churning out the guts now, the butcher stops to gain his footing, and he pulls, I feel lighter, intestines bust the thread that holds, no new yarn, the blood just pours and they belong to him now.

Ribs next, they pop like the teeth of a dog, the dog never gave second thought, to biting a running chainsaw. The butcher dismantles. Melon baler out and eyes next to run, to the jars and lids, tight to turn, not caring what is broken, he will simply have to begin again.

I Know Now, I Know Now

The movies taught me everything that I believe. Like that the cops are evil and it’s us vs. them. And that if you love something you set it free. And that stories are best told in the retrospect by a man whose made peace with his demons.

They taught me there is always a road back. And reconciliation is always funny. And that people can dodge bullets. Politicians are always crooks, unless it’s a bio pic, then there’s one good one.

Love matters, eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, nothing can defeat the human spirit, family is a disease, family is the rock, family is complicated.

Everybody is wrong, directors are god. And the truth is just a writers version of the truth, that is after twelve re-writes and a number of thorough post production edits.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Morning Dirt

Woot Woot!

It is monday. The day of rebirth, or for some professionals, the day of new death. How about this for a philosophical conversation point-

Each person goes through a different cycle each week. People with jobs watch the weekend fade away, those that are good partyers see the joy and camaraderie of the weekend fade away. Those that are bad drunks use the work week as a chance to forget the obnoxious and sometimes terrible way they act.

Then there are those with no jobs- who’s cycle begins and end with forced sobriety. Then there are people who never and will never party. And I don’t know what they do, not yet.

Ok, so that’s over. As always I’ve been watching a lot of movies. I recently watched the latest installment in the American Pie series, called American Wedding. Dance off in a gay club, blow jobs under the dinner table at fancy restaurants and of course Stifler. And while it may be easy to make fun of this movie and call it simple and lazy comedy, it will still be funnier than I will ever be. So think about that one.

David Leon is a funny mama jamma.

Peyton Manning may go to the Jets?

Protest rage on in Madison. Hold strong guys! I saw this crazy Walker supporter, riding a rascal screaming "This is your house and mine and it's fragile!"

That will never be my house and the sooner we pick our enemies the better.

Top 5 soups of the week:

Egg drop

Chicken Noodle

Clam Chowder


Red Fish

Most of these you can get in delicious form at Beans And Barley, which punch for punch is still the best restaurant in Milwaukee.

5 Things I learned this week.

1. Burlap is a good cover all

2. Dogs are stupider but way cooler than rocket scientists.

3. I’m headed south.

4. Mitchy The Kid is a rad racer.

5. No pain no game, without painin - no point in gamin.

Stay Sassy but be respectful of others,

Sean Williamson

Saturday, March 12, 2011

How To Be A Legend

Someone sees the log legged for the falldown. Insert the question.

I told my wife to go back to bed when the phone in the living room got ringing. So she did. And I put the boned feet on the wood floor then the tile and turned on the light. The phones still ringing and i miss before I can grab hold of it.


“I’m about to fuck shit up.” The voice says on the other end. They hang up.

And of course, this can’t be a good thing.

Friday, March 11, 2011

three twelve eleven

This woman moved into a new room in her care facility.  She went up higher in the building so she could get more care.  The new room is very similar to the old one but it has a better view of the lake and there is no kitchen.  You order your meals two days ahead of time and they serve them to you in a cafeteria.  Today they ate special food that she didn't like for a holiday that she was unaware of.

This woman's son has not worked in a while and he's two months behind on rent and electric, so he went to the VA and they said that they were going to take care of it for him and from now on, for the rest of his life, he will get $1600 a month.

Another guy got a divorce and neither he or his wife want to live in their house, so they rent it, but no one will rent it for what they're still paying on it, so they both have to pay $400 a month for the house each month, plus this guy has to make monthly payments on his camper and its spot at the RV park.

This other guy had his motorcycle break down on the road to Lincoln.  While he was taking a break from trying to fix it, he talked to his old girlfriend on the phone.  In the same day, she saw her neighbor's cat get run over by a hotel shuttle bus and her brother broke both legs skiing.

An old man's batteries ran out on his smoke detector and he couldn't understand why it was beeping when he couldn't smell any smoke.

Where's My Government?

I went to the capitol the other day. It was sort of a sad situation but the protesters were hanging strong. Crazy enough this pro Walker supporter gave me the best video bite of the day. Things are changing in this state. It might be time to make a run for it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Frankie Latina Interview

Frankie! What’s up ma man? World Wide Dirt wants to ask you a few questions today. Things have changed; you have a good beard, you speak spanish, you are the T shirt baron of Colombia - tell me, first of all -

1. What is your favorite street food in Colombia? Why?

The veggies wraps, made by Nando outside of his nightclub La Escollera. The only vegetarian street food in this entire country, so he wins by default. Unless you count the falafel stand in the mall, which is kind of like a street inside of a building...

2. What do you miss most about Milwaukee?

Food-wise I miss Beans and Barley's, chili, and tempee ruben. Otherwise I miss parking tickets.

3. You said you saw the movie Somewhere lately. What’d you think?

Ohhh jeeze. I don't want to be rude to Sofia Coppola-- But if you give a director too much rope they will hang themselves. But I like the Helmut Newton references.

4. I saw you made some Alain Delon shirts, which rules. What attracts you to Delon as a branch of your own art?

I gravitate toward outsiders, underdogs and people that have no business being in the movies.

5. Colombian music seems loud, what suggestions do you have for reggeton musicians?

I actually have a new favorite reggetone song, that was introduced to me by Antonio von Hildebrand, the Director of Pablo's Hippos, called Fuego, by Bomba Estereo --everyone should listen to it. Otherwise reggetone is like any other genre and you have to pick your apples wisely from the tree.

6. There’s a shit-ton of people selling bootleg DVD’s, How often do they work?

They are pretty dependable, the last time I bought a bootleg dvd I was sorting through a stack with a police officer. I told her to buy Black Swan.

7. Modus Operandi has a pretty solid festival run going. Do you have plans to make another super 8 feature?

Yes, I am currently in the focused daydreaming stages of my next super 8 pilgrimage.

8. You meet Frankie Latina ten years ago. What do you tell him?

I wouldn't have told myself anything different. I made by bed so I have to lay in it. I don't have a delorean and I can't go back to the future - everything happens for a reason, and we should spend more time being thankful for the events that have taken place.


Ladies and gentlemen, Frankie Latina

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Morning Dirt

Oh sweet sassy it is Monday morning.

So it looks like the Vikings are trying to get Kyle Orton.

So that is the top of the order. We’ll bypass it for now so I don’t bore the shit out of everyone who doesn't play fantasy football.

I’m midway through The Kings Speech right now. I’m streaming it (illegally?) so I have to wait a half an hour to watch the rest. What a world!

I give it one thumb up (half way through). I’m also confident I will give it the other. This baby is cooking. Yowzas! This is the nerd-thesbian-english-shit-loving film of the decade. And I am serious.

And I know it won some awards but I missed the Oscars so I’ll leave it alone for this year.

I also watched 127 Hours today. Now, I have a hard time with bones breaking and shit in movies but this flick really put me in there with that dude (Franco). By the end I was jumping around in my pajamas screaming “C’mon man! Get rid of that arm.” (3:26 PM)

I was pumped. And it was brutal, this guy lived. And shit yeah.

So does anybody watch Sons Of Anarchy. Show of hands. OK, alot. Good show.

Funny story, I was watching the episode where Jackson finally finds Abel with happy parents at the airport and I thought Jacks would give him up. This made me really sad and I stopped watching the show, for weeks.

And then a while later I realized that Jacks actually found Abel. Problem is I must have missed that. I watch a lot of things as I fall asleep, so it’s possible. Oh happy day though! I just napped it out and the problem went away - just like real life.

This last week I have made sushi, pizza, and a really sweet pasta dish all in the privacy of my own home. I suggest cornmeal crust to anyone who wants to make pizza. It’s dope.

Lets see here.

Grocery Store Suggestions

Sriracha sauce. Not that expensive, goes for a long time.

Bag of Pretzels. Always on sale. Goes good with cheese and mustard. If you don’t have them on hand you’re basically losing out. Good for your own consumption, good for entertaining guests.

Box of pretzels. You can get a box of frozen soft pretzels w/salt for nothing. 25 pretzels for 7 and some change. Pretty decent.

5 Things I learned this week

1. Dogs love dog food.

2. I can’t even grow a beard.

3. If someone is older than you, chances are they’re cooler than you.

4. You can't party your life away, drink your life away, smoke your life away, fuck your life away, dream your life away, scheme your life away, cause your seeds grow up the same way.

5. The outside walls are pretty.

I also whipped up some shirts this week. Here’s some picks. You can order them here. I also did a write up about them and why I made them so blah blah blah blah blah. You can read that below.

I think I’m gonna go on a trip. I’ll tell you about it next weeks addition of Monday Morning Dirt.

Stay sassy,


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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Read Please

Real quick,

“Fuck College” is an expression I think most Americans identify with. There’s a million reasons to say it, there is a billion reasons to think it and people from all classes and walks of life have equal claim.

College students say it because they are exasperated, they are lazy and don’t think they need it, they say it once they graduate and think there diploma has done them no good.

Non-college students say it because they want to succeed without it, or because its to expensive or because they think it’s a sign of privilege.

College janitors say it, tax payers say it, parents think it when they are paying for there kid to go to some art school - they say it again when that kid drops out and is floating in the pool all day. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady all said it. Mark Zuckerberg said it. Your cousin Ronda said it when she had her first kid, your uncle Al said it while trying to convince you to come work for him, and your dad half said it when he kept bringing up how expensive it would be to attend Marquette

People resent academia while still understanding the benefits it provides them. School, like other things is a “what you make it” situation. You wanna be great, fine, you want to pass, fine. I’ve done both and the latter was more stressful. It is the generalizations of our generation - “fuck punk rock”, “fuck football”, “fuck literature”, “fuck science” - that make us seem ungrateful or unimaginative-

but you can’t spend your life explaining yourself, what a waste, instead you can make general sweeping statements like “Fuck college”. Just remember that everything we say is more than what we say. Two words can mean a lot of things, hell, should mean a lot of things.

Educators have been long under appreciated and underpaid in this country and are having a real tough time right now in Wisconsin. People are trying to fix that, which is great. People who are molding student’s minds, creating our future, deserve whatever they need to live and prosper, no doubt, but at some point they’ve said or thought “fuck college” too.

And Scott Walker, he’s probably already said “Fuck college” today, a few times. Asshole.

Folks, I go to college, I plan on going to grad school, I think academia offers endless opportunities for students who are willing to follow them. Worse case scenario - you get up in the morning, go to class, and when you leave you know at least one thing you didn't before. Simply beautiful.

But if I get fed up I’m going to mutter “fuck college” as I wait for the bus.

This is America, you can say whatever you want without giving reason, but in this case, I gave my reasons anyway.

Sean Williamson