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Or soft, fuzzy slippers.
Peruse. enjoy yourselves.
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

If you can believe it...

A perfect stranger gave me a Neil Young ticket out of the kindness of his heart,
i ate lunch with my dad and Bee Wee,
Went to the show with a new friend,
Neil did it up,
it was a refill of any faith i had lost in humanity,
i ate toppers with Rick, I saw AO,
I came back to the house and hung with Tani and Carter.
All things told,
yesterday was one of the best days of my life.
thanks Lloyd.
thanks Mr. Young.
thanks Rick.
thanks dad.
thanks Tani.
thanks Bee Wee.
Thanks earth.

love, Sean

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Say what...?

It's been good lately, all in all.

I saw Le Anna last night at Linnemans. She's great. You can usually catch her at Frank's Power Plant on Monday nights. WWD will be putting out her first E.P. and i'll be posting the first song soon. She's a good egg.

am working on a second draft of my new Novella tentatively titled "A Wild Introduction"

ALSO, there's another exciting Choose Your Own Adventure project that Guy talks about in the post below.

Also, i'll have something hilarious to say tomorrow.
Also, good night.
Also, I love you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Navigating a Maze at Gunpoint

Something's happening.  I wrote the beginning and so it has begun.

The best fiction writers in Milwaukee, Whitewater, and Brooklyn are collaborating on a Choose Your Own Adventure story/live event.  The beginning of a story will be read and the audience will vote on the hero's subsequent course of action, which will lead to another choice and another.

The event, a project co-developed by World Wide Dirt and her cute-as-hell cousin-blog Shift Freedom, will be called "Pick Your Poison" and will premiere at an as yet undisclosed place and time, thus making history.

Be there or be SQ
                     E     U

The Amazing...

I don't understand people well enough.  I met a man who called me "amigo" today because I helped him find a book he lost over a decade ago: "The Three Wars of Roy Benavidez."  I found it ten feet up, just under the ceiling on what I thought was a fool's errand and then ran down the stairs, hoping to catch the guy before he left the store and I did and he shook my hand.  I like helping peeps at the store.  This other guy asked me where Arthur Conan Doyle was today because it's not mixed in with the Mystery & Suspense section.  And I knew what I was doing.  I had just reorganized the Holmes section into 4 subsections: "Holmes Movies," "Holmesology,""Holmes, Various Authors," and "Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle."  I told him he might also find some of his stuff in the Sci-Fi section at the back of the store and that I had seen The Lost World there the last time I checked.  The guy seemed gratified.

When I went through Central America in 2005, I would tell people my name and they would often say, "Oh.  Peter Parker," and mime taking my photograph or shooting web at me from their palm.  I got the same thing from a guy I introduced myself to at work about a month ago, and he was Argentinian, so I wonder if there is some kind of connection Spiderman has with Latin America that I don't understand.

I like Sam Raimi's Spiderman 2 a whole lot.  I've been thinking about it lately.  Peter doesn't think he can handle being Spiderman anymore.  He has two jobs, an academic career, his relationships with Aunt May, Mary Jane, and Harry Osborne, and he has to save the city from the Doctor Octavious and its much too much.  Either he can be Spiderman and endure the suffering that entails or he can be the kind of guy who sits on his couch and watches Spiderman 2 on a Tuesday afternoon and take it easy.  In the end, he puts his suit back on and this actually saves his life and probably the entire city; he suffers a little and they all benefit.

I had a dream last night that I was on a a movie crew and we ran late on the schedule and they were going to shut down because we didn't have enough time to get all the shots we needed.  I asked the director what we needed and he answered "6 days."  I said "Well, why don't we make a shitty movie in 3 days?" and that was the end of the dream as far as I can remember it.

"That's your back," someone told a boy when he made a face while lifting a cinder block.  This was his first day of work in his life.  He was 15.  "It's gonna smart you for the next 40, 50 years."

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby

somebody stop me,
I am catching fire over here, yow!

It was a nice week. I worked a bit and and saw some people doing some cool things...

How rude of me. How was your week?

hmmm? really? good?


(for the record i would hear you out if you were sitting with me now)

Its an exciting world. The rain ripped apart the city. Every artist in Milwaukee thinks Bob Donovan is a grand standing, low rent, two bit, loser idiot.

Really though, who does Bob Donovan think he is? lets break down that question.

Any person who gets their hair cut five minutes before a surprise news conference obviously has a seriously weak grip on reality.

Fucking Bob Donovan. An alderman for some district in Milwaukee.

Not much to say on this one. I'm angry at Bob the same way i'd be angry with a dog... or a baby. He didn't know any better. He'll never know any better.

But i know better, Milwaukee's art community knows better...and we don't forget...and we vote.


Here's some links to things that are going on right now.

Heavy Hands Trailer
Lee Odeja's Townsfolke
Sign Painter Movie

Friday, July 23, 2010

There's a band called "Wormwolf"

I wish i could say it right now and everyone would believe me,
but it isnt like that really, it isnt respectable to say it all at once.
then again, hit the rewind,
take it way back,
and hold some point, the "Make it better point",
its time to get loud now,
its time to get scary.
Don said that the lifers werent so bad,
that this was there home and, and
everyone else was just visiting,
but it was rain storms,
sitting chairful corners,
meeting soon to be daddies,
and simply driving home.
There was smoke billowing form under the interstate,
so i called 911 and said it,
what if it mattered?
could it possibly matter?
it isnt one big "things that matter" contest,
nobody cares if it does,
we'll just push through the weaker
and consider all the reasons,
special and able and cursed.

In related news in addition to WWD being one of Wisconsin's leaders in all things art and entertainment we will also be selling Organic Worm Fertilizer.
call 323 948 7688 for more information
or email us at

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Border Police Scandalous, uncut!

knock off all the running around,
Boulder, FT. Collins and generality,
it's misplacing,
don't steve get it,
or betsy working the lame days,
tells me the world is lazy,
and Marky will wonder.
shake now,
don't wait for the shower room.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Due Time

wonder how the wax goes,
if you can think of that.
After all the piers gone floating,
and friend knew Noah,
and tiny, tiny, tiny world.
We're all walking,
proud to step,
even seven months,
in county seems worse.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Its enough with the heat,
and the bus dropping me off
under the bridge
and of course i hope,
most of the time, it wasn't like this.
it seems though,
i made this bed.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Comparable to Rain

They killed the rooster, the morning, the daylight alike.
Swooped down with the interpretation of a man,
Better suited to climb and move mountains.
With hands coarse, likened to dry unfinished concrete;
Who believes, knows we were better off as animals.

Born from the swamp, a questionable son.
Young enough to shoulder the sideshows, or
Too brash in public (private), or too old and stumbling.

They replaced the burden, the phrase; the old gang.
Vices fell comparable to rain, Midwestern rain; fleeting and selfish.
Expandable only by ways, waves electrical and mutually delicate.
Only to be seen through glares, unwarranted; or
Eyes hungry as ever.

And I’ve been held down, tightly by the nape;
By ill plans, weaker farmhands, and a pusher man.
Who couldn’t keep me silent, tired, or invested.

They arrived like the wind, and aimed for the lumbar;
Accompanied by other things previously injured.
Peering on like an lonely housemother;
Or the young boy, squeamish, suffering.
Saying, right between the eyes.

Lee Odeja

Thursday, July 15, 2010


thanks to everyone who came to the event on Tuesday. We all had a blast. it was good to see so many familiar and unfamiliar faces.

this summer is spinning out of control.
Tani just got into town. My brother came to hang out from NY and SG came to visit from Pittsburggggg.

I still have to get my car back and drive to Colorado and Springtown for the JV reunion show. I have to shoot another four scenes for Heavy Hands to stay on track. I just finished the first draft of my new novella.

Issue three of WWD's Tiny Magazine is now available. Send your mailing addy if you want me to send you one.

I have to work. I have to figure how to get one hundred dollars to go see Neil Young in a couple weeks.
im getting a check today. It'll be gone once it touches my hands.

This isnt mentioning the projects that are too premature to talk about. those are crazy too.

Check out the Sign Painter Movie Blog

Check out Shift Freedom

Heavy Hands Trailer

Best Wishes

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Love World Wide Dirt

I don't care if the sun don't shine.
I do my writing in the evening time when I'm on my blog.
You can sit in the sun and play.
I don't even know it's day when I'm on my blog.

I love Dirt in the summer.
I love her in the fall.
I love Dirt.  May I say that?
It's a rowdy shin-dig.
Yeah.  I love Dirt like Mitch Olson loves a gin swig.
I love Dirt every moment.
It's my favorite atmosphere.
I love Dirt.
Why, why do I love Dirt?
Because my money's here.

I love Dirt when I'm writing.
I love it when I read.
I love Dirt like Tanya loves furry mammals,
more even than she loves finding deals on Camels.
I love Dirt every moment.
For it's fans, I have to cheer.
I love Dirt.  Hell's Bells, do I love Dirt
Because my blood's right here.

I love Dirt when I'm stoned.
I love Dirt when I'm not.
I love Dirt just like my writing loves an editor,
more than if it was Sean's address and I'm a creditor.
I love Dirt every moment.
When I leave, I shed a tear.
I love Dirt.
Good God, do I love Dirt.
I'll make it good and clear.
It's because my girl's right here.


So, entering phase two of Heavy Hands.
(I'm just saying that to imply i have phases)
Super pumper, super stoked, super jacked, super crunked.

I'll be shooting a few more rolls and taking pictures before the summer is done.
I just hooked WWD up on facebook so we have a page there.
will that make this blod more insignificant?
(I tell you what, nobody tell anybody about the other.)

Excess Baggage show is on tuesday Check out the SHIFT FREEDOM BLOG for more info

its hot and the cats are lazy around here. like peanut the cat.
love, sean

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot in The City

i tell you, it is.
i cut some guy off in traffic while i was lost, looking for the St. Vinny's on Center.
There may not be a St Vinny's on center.
He was pretty nice about it though.
I think he was trying to help and gave me the wrong directions but such is life.
Its burning up though. I saw the brewers give up a million runs from a really good seat. courtesy of Greg Hemple and Lauren Landa.
i've been hanging with the cats. havin a good old time. peanut always wants something and Annie has been sleeping upside down.
I walked around in the mall by myself today. it was kind of a bummer but whatever.
i just wanted a drinking fountain. theres no free drinks at Mayfair.

Now that thats out of the way...

Faythe Levine and Sam Macon are working on a new film about sign painters. Sign painting as a craft isnt something a lot of us know much about because not a lot of people do it anymore. In day to day life you tend to forget that, things you may take for granted, (like signs) evolved form a complicated trade that has an entire subculture behind it.

Its really interesting to think that at a point and time every street sign in a city would have to be hand painted.

Sign painting as a trade/art form inspires a lot of interesting questions and answers connected to why things are (and arent).

So keep an eye on this project...
Heres a link to The Sign Painter BLOG

World Wide Dirt Circular Magazines are jammin pretty well. We've a got a lot of nice feedback from you (the loyal readers) about what were doing over here at WWD. So issues #4 and #5 will be coming in the next few weeks.

Really exciting news!!
There's an event at Art Bar on 7/13 at 9 pm.
Its called Excess Baggage and includes writings and songs dealing with RELATIONSHIPS (thats right, the big R word)
readers will include (amongst many talented others) WWD's very own Sean and Parker
check out the info and other works at the SHIFT FREEDOM BLOG

You can also buy copies of my first Novella House Of Will on the left-hand side of this screen. Available for digital download.

Last but not least here is the trailer for my upcoming film Heavy Hands. Edited by Patrick Walter. A lot more on this soon.


all right then!
lots of crazy things going on right now,
let all just keep working hard and putting our best foot forward,
Much love, WWD

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trailer...i wish i had one to live in.

Hey Dirtonians,
check out the trailer for Sean Williamson's directorial debut,
as well as World Wide Dirt's production debut.
tell us what you think!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The day of our lord...Tuesday.

Oh honey, its gonna be tough.
I started going over the film for Heavy Hands. it looks cool i think.
Also i went to Franks for the open mic last night. Which you should attend every week.
i've been super busy but i think things are coming together.
A lot of exciting things,
happening in Dirtville,
love, Sean

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Monday, July 5, 2010

the mild mannered reporter

superman's lived a thousand years.  i don't mean this in the sense of kal-el being immortal apart from his one weakness, or the fact that he's still a gold-egg goose and no dc publisher would ever slip him enough kryptonite to end his building-bounding.  i mean that because he is a rarely timeless character, both unique enough to inspire thousands of creative minds and bland enough to insure his personality is never exhausted, superman has gone on (i'm guessing) about ten thousand adventures.

i work at a used bookstore.  one of my duties there is to shelve comic books.  someone at the desk downstairs puts these comics in roughly sorted boxes alphabetically.  one box is marked "A," one's marked "B-C," and so on.  the comics in these boxes are not in any order, just a group, so i still have to alphabetize the contents of each box and then find where each fits on the shelf.  the other day, the "R-S" box was jam-packed with the overflow stacked on top of it.  there were roughly 200 comic books that i had to sort.  being such a daunting task, i started by pulling all superman titles into a separate pile, which came to about a quarter of the "R-S" books for the day.

there were "action comics featuring superman," "the adventures of superman," "superman adventures," "superman: the man of steel," "superman: the man of tomorrow," just plain "superman."  there were hundreds of short superman series: "superman nemesis," "all star superman," "superman returns," "red son."  there's "superboy" and "supergirl," but sadly no superwoman.

my mind wandered down the dusty shelves, over the other thousands of plastic-bagged, already-been-chewed comics that this immigrant from nowhere had been featured in.  there is "world's finest," the batman-superman crossover book that's been on the shelves since my father bought them for a nickel at the drug store on his way home from school.  "the brave and the bold," another DC crossover comic frequently features mr. kent in primary colors.  there is earth-one superman and earth-two superman and both played a roll in "the crisis on infinite earths" and "infinite crisis" and "52" and many other DC event series.  superman is a key member of the justice league, an honorary member of the justice society of america, and a superfriend.

superman's life is also documented in thousands of hours of radio, television and film.  there's the old "adventures of superman" serial (not to be confused with the old superman cereal), superman I, II, III & IV starring christopher reeve, "superman adventures" cartoon show, "lois & clarke: the new adventures of superman" from the 90's, "superman returns" where superman tricks cyclops into raising his baby, ten seasons of "smallville," which put the expansion of the superman mythos on a logarithmic scale by spinning-off into several series of novels, young adult novels and comic book titles of its own.

so, he has lived on paper many many lifetimes of adventures, saving the world once a day on average for the last seventy years.  that's one hell of a life for a man in his thirties.  all the while, he still has time to footsy with lois and continue his award-winning career in journalism at the daily planet.  wow.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

lego, egos

fourhundredmillion people
in one isnt...
well it isnt good for anyone.
he busted his back
Nick busted his hand
shit, it probably isnt good...
for aanybody