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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure River

Here is something you should remember and go to.  It is an event as momentous as the great flood itself: World Wide Dirt and Shift Freedom's live Choose Your Own Adventure event, Pick Your Poison, featuring an array of awesomeness from some of the coolest people around including WWD's own Sean and Parker, as well as featured WWD contributors Mitch Olson and Lee Odeja, and many many others.  Eight different pathways from a single starting point have been crafted by a slew of awesome writers and the audience will choose which path the story takes in front of them.

The event will also involve other fiction and poetry pieces, as well as cookies and beer.  It will be Tuesday, August 31st at Henry's Bar, 2523 East Belleview Place, Milwaukee.  It's right next to that ice cream place that's next to the Downer Theater.  It's free and it's going to be a great time.

In other adventure news, I went to Noah's Ark today and did the adventure ricer.  I used to wreak havoc on it, squirt on lifeguards with water out of plastic guns I'd won with skeeball tickets, take over the big rubber froot loop tubes (which no longer exist), and hold people under the waterfalls.  Today, I just lied under the sun and drifted.  I closed my eyes because it made no difference where I was going.  I was just going to keep floating in a circle.  I could hear speaking and new that people were all around me, having conversations and splash wars, their own little adventure and I listened to them like it was a radio show, tuning in and out.  I opened my eyes once when the sound of geyser streams falling into the river became louder and I saw only a jet of pale water and a solid blue sky like it had been printed that way.  Beautiful. 

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