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Saturday, November 20, 2010

statement for last 2 days

$2.25 - 10 bus from 3rd and wisconsin to highland & vilet
$2.25 - ironstone cafe, one 16 oz cup of tangerine ginger tea, plus tip
$1.05 - convenient corner, 16 oz can arnold palmer
$10 - michigan street diner, fish sandwich, coca-cola, tip
$2.25 - 10 bus from humboldt & vilet to wisconsin & water
$20 - chopsticks, crab rangoon, eggroll, general tso's chicken, tip
$25 - henry's tavern, 2 x gin & tonic, 2 x jameson shot, 1 red stripe, tips
18 ¢ - uwm library, 3 printed pages
$4.88 - hawley road mobil, philly cheesesteak hot pocket, orange gatorade, king sized hershey's w/ almond

1) distill image to black dots, distanced as stars in a constellation, assign each a sequential numeral.
2) connect dot to dot using straight line segments, according to numeric progression.
3) your paper should resemble diagram in lower left hand corner.  if it doesn't, ask your teacher for help.

"it's all a big nothing... it's coming from here.  it's not my fucking head.  it's my stomach. i'm nauseous.  jesus.  fuck.  fuck.  oh, fuck.  it's the chicken vindaloo.  fucking motherfucking woks." - tony soprano, "funhouse"

"and it was cold and it rained and i felt like an actor
and i thought of ma and i wanted to get back there.
your face, your race, the way that you talk.
i kiss you, you're beautiful, i want you to walk."
- david bowie, "five years"

"do you need help finding anything?" - me, yesterday, about 6 times

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