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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hey Guys! Heres a few random facts about my life! Yea!

Oh state of mine, with so much allegiance I swear. Up and down and through all valleys I am caught completely unaware. There are places I have seen. Really a few places, not many or anything but a few. In all of this I claim my residency and heart in Wisconsin.

This last week I realized all the things that I don’t know and haven’t seen.

I started by heading northeast with Tanya for a few days of super camping. No tent ya’ll. Just a tarp and two badasses.

So many trees and bees and bugs and squirrels and joints, a few beers. Some hiking and swimming and driving and eating. Over the fire, in the dark, with little light.

...And all the while a flashlight under the drivers seat. Ah, all the things you don’t know if you don’t know.

Now with the family for the first time in a long time we head toward Superior and jesus families are funny. If not always fun than mostly funny.

Moving on, I’ll be home soon in the sunny city, getting shitty, doing a whole lot of things to make myself look pretty.

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