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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Hank Jennings got a bag of cash
To turn a man from flesh to ash
So somebody could steal his mill.
Hank Jennings doesn't mind a kill.

Hank Jennings likes to have some money
To treat himself and treat his honey.
You only live once so why not live well?
A wasted life is early Hell.

Friends are nice and women too
But nicer still is being you
And being that at every second.
Some people are just pushed and beckoned.

And that's their choice and good for them.
Their wasted days can be a gem.
Some people have just what they covet.
And fate is clearly a part of it.

But fate helps those with stronger wills
And that's why they've a lot more bills.
Norma couldn't understand
But she'll smile with a new ring on her hand.

All the world is for the taking.
Anyone who says different is only faking,
Only kidding and hurting themself.
They'll never have much on their shift.

Me, I smile and do the thing
That helps me pay for Norma's ring.
Because I like it when she smiles
Almost as much as money piles.

Because the chance knocks on my door
And we can always use some more.
So he'll get his and I'll get mine.
Some other jerk will cut the pine.

And I'll go on my merry way.
Everyone should be Hank Jennings for a day.
But not much longer, otherwise
I'd be pushed around by other guys.

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