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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Freedom for Animals association on Second Avenue is the secret headquarters of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. They're the one's that are gonna do it.

Have a Merry Christmas!

my recent dreams:
a blonde i used to know turned brunette and she looked at me with round blue eyes on her skinny face, curly bangs, and I told her to look at me again because her eyes reminded me of her and she said:
enough of that mood of infestation
i said:
do you mean infatuation?
she had a boyfriend and i kissed her when her eyes were closed and she thought I was him.
a different blonde had a party on park street in whitewater and was so unenthusiastic about my being there that i left. i was so hurt that i started a fight with this guy from high school and instead of him being pissed, he said, "parker, that's not like you. are you alright?"
he offered to give me a ride home.
suddenly, i woke up in the morning and had blacked out but i wasn't hung over. i had a hair braid in my pocket in the shape of a star and a single strand of blond hair was in it.
me and sean walked along park street in whitewater and neither of us could remember what high school class we were late for. we talked about a band that doesn't exist called Nyl Starr.
someone opened a suitcase full of blow in fairhaven parking lot.
i played tackle football.
a girl told me she wanted to meet me by way of the black replaceable letters on a liquor store sign. we met at a strip mall. no big deal.
Whadjadoo if I called you now
And all I did was bark and growl?
If I touched you would you yak?
Would you have a heart attack?

Whadjadoo id I said what I meant?
If I took off my glasses and wasn't Clark Kent?
How often do you think of me?
I'll bet someone still makes your tea.

I dream about your blue round eyes.
I dream your hair turned dark from dyes.
I dream that you aren't you and that
I kiss you on a welcome mat.

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