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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Security Guard

11 to 10 he don't blink an eye.
He's the flower mill night shift security guy.
For the good of the grain he must stay alert.
He can't read, can't sing, can't talk, & can't flirt.

There are four dozen TVs
in the bank on the wall,
but in monitor 14
is the most beautiful mill girl of all.

She's churning, she's sifting,
then the screen blinks to black,
then it's showing the back gate,
then the mill girl is back.

The picture's some fuzzy,
her name tag is blurred,
but he knows her name's too pretty
to put into a word.

One night on duty,
3 AM, the alarm yells.
The back gate's torn open
far as the sensors can tell.

But no thief's breaking in,
it's the mill girl busting out
and the guard flees just behind her
without a second's doubt.

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