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Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey, World Wide Dirt! Take a Chill Pill Already!

World Wide Dirt called me up the other day and was like-

“Sean Williamson! What the fuck man? You aint posting on me, you aint spreading the word, you aint doing nothing!”

And I said –

“Hey man! You need to back the fuck up! Back the fuck up!...I’m out here in the field, taking heavy fire, making you a film for your very own! Getting ready for a comeback, in a big, big, big way.”

So World Wide Dirt chilled out a little bit and we were all good.

It’s hard out there, ya know. I’ve heard that you have three great loves in your life – and we’re all just waiting for the new one to come around. Call it the second, call it the last. Call it what you will.

I’m sending in 15 new rolls of film today to the lab. Then headed to the studio where cree mania will lay down the final guitar parts for our new album.

Milly is headed to Costa Rica and I’m plunging head first into my new script.

Working title = “I’m Not Here to Fall in Love”

So World Wide Dirt, you can just take a chill pill. Cause I may be insane, I may drink too much, but there is no doubt I’m telling the truth.

1 comment:

Pashmina said...

search "I'm not here to fall in love" in googz and you find this post and some sad dating forum. Not a dating site, a dating forum.

So, I like the title.