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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Believing a version of the truth


so i drove to chicago a couple days ago to see Modus. It was for the Chicago Underground Film Festival. The car itself isnt doing that grand and it kind of sputtered here and there. I'll get it fixed tomorrow.

Tanya is going to Alaska for a while. Thats nice for her, she's a good egg.

It rained all the way back from chicago and it was scary for a while. couldnt see anything. Nicole said 'thank god' when the rain let up. i think she meant it in a literal way. maybe not. either way i didnt say anything. I didnt want to jinx it.

Then i went to a graduation party in Newton after i didnt get home till almost seven. It was cool though. i slept at Tanya's parents house for a minute or two hundred forty. then i ate some sandwiches and cheetos and drank ten soda's.

House Of Will is available for download at the low price of 5.00.

its alright. its going to be alright.

goodnight everyone

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