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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Morning Dirt

I have barely left the house in two weeks. Sometimes it seems like more. I really don’t know anymore. I have been on the internet a lot. So thats good. I also get to hang out with some cute dogs. So thats good.

You can download this feature called Sumbleupon. It’s pretty cool. It picks website for you to check out based on your preferences. I apologize in advance for all the wasted time.

Looks like Aaron Rodgers may be hooking up with Mila Kunis. Which would be pretty awesome for him. He’s still a Californian though, so whatever.

While were at it lets take a trip around the NFC North to see what’s shaking.

It’s reported that Minnesota could be angling towards starting Donavan McNabb next year. And I cringe at the thought of it but in the short term the Vikings still have a lot of talent, at pretty much every position on the field. And McNabb has proven himself to be one of the finest quarterbacks still playing today (at the tale end of a career mind you). So he may be the best answer at this point and time as the Vikings try to maintain the present while building toward the future.

Honestly, last season was terrible for the Vikings and McNabb. I would be surprised if it was that way again.

Kevin Kolb is another fun option.

I hear from my sources that the Lions are drafting a huge wide receiver or a glass boned quarterback.

The Bears, the Bears, the Bears...

And the Packers won the Super Bowl. So until they ARE NOT world champions I won’t worry about them.

I saw Somewhere last week or so. It must be sad to be famous. Seems hard. Stephen Dorff was excellent and Sophia Coppola’s shot selection was stunning and fitting. I would recommend it to anyone.

Man ON DEMAND can be a real boner sometimes. I do like re-watching episodes of The Sopranos at least

My friend Parker once said that the say that the Mona Lisa or the Statue Of David are considered great art but that there is no greater piece of art than the entire series of The Sopranos. Which seems true.

Baseball season is coming round the bend. And there are a lot of reasons to be excited in Milwaukee because Eric Gagne is coming back to play first base. He’s not really. I remember when Gagne and Derrick Turnbow were on the same team, now that was fun - No Brewer lead was too great that they couldn't make it disappear.

B.O.B Brewer bash is on again for this year. I hear there will be two barrels. Which means I will get punched in the head twice as much.

I love baseball. And I live right by the stadium now so maybe I’ll start riding my bike there. I just need to slim down so I don’t feel as miserable powering down ten hot dogs on dollar a piece night.

In other new Modus Operandi will be playing at two film fests coming up. One in Texas and one in Denmark. Check out the web ads I shot with Modus star Mark Borchardt. Cool dude.

I’m going to start taking more pictures. I don’t take enough.

I started eating healthier about a week ago and it has been going pretty good. I feel a lot better day to day. besides the whisky swimming around in the old brain. One thing at a time.

My (budget) food suggestions for the week:

Ground Round Happy Hour !!! - 25 cent wings, 5 dollar sampler platter, 241 drinks and free popcorn. Dope.

Number 1 chinese - Chicken Teriyaki sticks

Rio West Cantina (Humboldt) - Dollar tacos on Tuesday.

Also, I suggest drinking Kefir, it is tasty and good for your stomach.

Five Things I Learned This Week

1. Dogs are awesome.

2. I’m glad yesterday is over. terrible.

3. Even a small amount of planning when it comes to diet and exercise can help. Just think about it. If you don’t feel good. Do something about it.

4. Casino’s are for Satan.

5. Everything can’t be blamed on someone all the time. Life is not an endless cycle of faults. Sometimes things are what they are. No use agonizing over it, just take care of it and move on. Just move on.

Also Happy Birthday Deb Williamson !!!

Thanks for joining me for this weeks installment of Monday Morning Dirt

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