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Thursday, February 24, 2011

That Was A Doozy.

Maureen called and we went up the road to the Toys R Us. We couldn't anything and rode the scooter until a worker kicked us out.

We snuck into a movie at Rock and I spilled bong water on the floor.

Eventually someone decided to go to the Hostess outlet store and get some cheap muffins. We didn't have enough money. We poked some stuff and got out of there.

I found 75 cents outside the mall so we went to the arcade and played the Dungeon and Dragons video game. We got pretty far then died.

And I would have gotten an Orang Julius, mom said they were the tops. Went to the hemp store instead and some pretty girl chatted with Maureen. She may have been a lesbian.

Eventually we drove past the Best Buy and the run down gas station and then out of town. She wouldn't turn the music on I put my hand on her thigh.

We pulled up next to a busted motel.

“Wait here” Maureen said and got out of the car.

She dropped an envelope in a black box on the wall and we drove on.

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