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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Year That Everyone Died - Part 18 - Snow Globe

follow the adventures of Steve Wilson in WWD’s new series The Year That Everyone Died

Fucking Snowstorm. I should have known.

The day I decide to get serious (not the first try, but the best try) and there are endless milky drifts and waves of car killing frostbiting snow.

and i m in the middle of it. I took a detour right around some place called Ironwood. And it was real pretty and I lost track of what I was doing.

It must have been twenty minutes or so, just driving through the state forest and I realized I was lost...and then the fucking snowstorm and I’m just sitting around.

And I think I’m in MIchigan. Yep, Michigan.

Maps man, maps. They’re trusty guys when you can read em right. So after a half hour or so I figure out where I am. Not matter now though, the fucking snowstorm.

Now, I know that I’m a wooded area, I know that I’m still on the road, I know that there is a world around me, I know this but my eyes can’t see it. That’s for sure.

It’s empty, all white and howling and lonely. All around the world has turned to static. I’m fucked.


Luckily, (in an uncharacteristic act of preparation) I packed blankets and extra coats and I have plenty of soda to drink and a few good snacks to eat. I picked up some peanuts, cheesy popcorn, two Charleston Chews, pack of string cheese, taco style Doritos, and a six pack of Mountain Dew. I also had one of those large XXX Vitamin Waters but that was mostly gone.

Some things are just too good all the time. The Onion and Vitamin Water - I don’t know how they do it.

So good.

So good.


And in the store, i watched the guy next to me. He was wandering and searching and picking snacks.

Chex Mix and candy bars and Twinkies, and it was the fools party. I burned everything I had for Ricky Williams salary.

fuck it.

If I was half the person Ricky Williams was, I would be set now, I’d be done now. But I’m not, I wont be.

He is obviously better than me.

But I watched this guy next to me buy some snacks...and I judged his choices. And he passed - did very well.

He got Cheeseits and Oreos and some chocolate milk. Inside I think he didn’t know - but I did. He did a great job. - and is that what it is?


Sorry, I almost died. It’s cold here.

I pull the blankets up to my chin. I lay some blankets over Carter. I say:

“Sometimes there is only hope, what a pitiful nightmare? What a shame but I can’t stop what I am. If you can’t be yourself, then honestly you arent anything. If you can’t stand up for yourself, then you can’t stand up for anything. If you can’t kill, the you arent worth it. I can kill, I can kill. “

“When pressed between murder or not, you choose. I’ve chosen.”

And Carter looks at me. He’s stoic, he is absolutely the best.

“Sometimes” I say “You are just mean.”


There is a knock at the window, and I’m almost covered in snow, the car is almost gone.


Times like these, snow days, these moments are mine. This is my time to shine. Eat frozen pizzas, drink juice, cook some Ramen (do you know what Ramen is?)

But I can’t. I sit in my car with the snow piling up and I hear the knocking on the window.

I won’t be Kurt Vonnegut or Ernest Hemingway or any literary genius, or Reggie Miller - or above all else - Ricky Williams - He’s better than you and me - he is, admit it.


And the knock at the window. I open the door - cause fuck it.

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