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Monday, August 22, 2011

Interview With Milwaukee Filmmaker Drew Rosas

Hey Guys! A couple cool dudes from milwaukee are making a film. Director/Producer Drew Rosas sat down with WWD for a couple minutes and answered some questions. Enjoy!


WWD: How bout you give us a quick rundown about what your new movie Billy Club is all about:

A mind-bending journey into the world of a serial killer, Billy Club brings a terrifying new vision to independent horror cinema.

Four little league teammates reunite after fifteen years and try to solve the mystery behind a horrible killing from their childhood. A mysterious letter, sends the gang on a mission to unearth the grave of their old coach and find out if their incarcerated friend is actually innocent. Little do they know the real killer is stalking them in the nearby woods.

WWD: How’s the reaction been to your first movie Blood Junkie?

Blood Junkie has received an incredible amount of positive reviews and articles. You can read them all at The movie is spreading though independent horror fan networks and almost everyone who watches it has good things to say. We released the film through Troma Entertainment, which has been a great match because their fan base is exactly the demographic that will love Blood Junkie. However, they release a lot of movies, so it has been a challenge to get the personal attention we wanted with that film. Overall, it has been a great success for a first feature and helped pave the way for our new project Billy Club.

WWD: You guys are co-directing this film. Do you have specific tasks you both handle separately as directors? Or do you plan on doing things by committee?

Nick is playing one of the lead characters, so he asked me on as a co-director to help overall, but also to direct when he is in front of the camera. I handle more of the producer/ director roles, and Nick is more Writer/ Director. We work incredibly well together and see eye to eye on 90% of the filmmaking decisions. I’m sure we will make most of the decisions together as a team.

WWD: Sounds like you have a fun fundraising party planned for next week, what’s the details on that?

We are throwing a little fundraising party at Jackpot Gallery on Center Street to wrap up our kickstarter campaign. It is a chance to thank everyone in the community that has pledged their support for the film, and give people who have been meaning to pledge a great venue to come out and join in on the fun. It is open to the public. We'll have free drinks for all our backers, computers set up to pledge on kickstarter, a bunch of cool raffle prizes to give aways, and a dance party with music by local DJ "The Hammer". Come by and check it out between 6pm - Midnight Thursday August 25th


- So check it out dirtonians! Here is the link to the Billy Club Kickstarter account. Help these dudes out if you can, they are working really hard to make a film happen in Milwaukee.

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