And hello Everyone!!!

It's good to have you. get comfy. Imagine we're in the same room, imagine I'm handing you a cup of coffee, or a beer, or cigarette.
Or soft, fuzzy slippers.
Peruse. enjoy yourselves.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The morning spread out forever. You could check your watch and click your heels at the time you were making. And it was beautiful outside but no hurry to get there. A gentle hum of breeze on the windowpane. The last bite of the last pancake that never cooled. The coffee was good. You both laughed. There were flowers in the vase. You yawned and went out. The park. An errand wearing laughter and cigarette smoke. Orange juice at the convenient store. Not even one yet. Stopped by to see so and so. How is he doing? You don't say. I never would have guessed. And on the trip back you saw the Wiener Mobile. Out of the blue you stopped and bought a new shirt. It's now your favorite. Hungry. Pizza, perfect. Sat around awhile, mffhahaha. The movies? Yeah. Almost dark when you got out. Pasta, root beer. Come here, come here. Mwa, mwa. Something sweet on, no commercials. I like you. Mwa. Come here.

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