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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

For Tina

there are two moments that

come to mind,

calming my heart & then

pushing it aside

and yet,

I feel energized.

1. it is the layer of molasses in the deep summer

about a month more to go before

we can sit in school & thank

God for the air conditioning

& the rain doesn't wash

it doesn't cool

and at the bus stop my mind

runs through constant thoughts of

"did i miss it?" & "it won't be long."

and you, Tina, are that instant I see

the top of the Milwaukee Transit Chariot read

"you will be on your way shortly."

2. many men, I imagine, stood on

the plank of a rotting pirate ship

in an unmarked sea somewhere east of me

and when they were asked for their last words

of remorse they stumbled because a thought

of your timeless wit, the poise and brilliance of a

dancing porpoise, stole their breath &

they were thankful (over & over) because

when they think about you they,

for the first time in their memory,

forgot their fear of death.

- Suzanne Jones

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