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Sunday, October 21, 2007

!!!Five things I learned This Week!!!

Heres a feature for your reading enjoyment. Me and World Wide Dirt C0-owner (what we own, im not sure.) Parker Dubs lend our discoveries from the weekly grind. Without further ceremony...

Five things i learned this week


1-Sympathize is spelled with a “z.”

2-my penis has an eight inch range of lengths.

3-The lack of humility before nature being displayed here staggers me.

4-Sometimes the most comfortable looking shoes aren’t that comfortable.

5-Women don't like to be called "fuckface"

1- you always have the most confusing dreams while you should be at work.

2-never trust the Minnesota Vikings with a young man's heart.

3-if someone doesnt like you, theres something wrong with them.
4- being an asshole isnt as bad as being dishonest. (sometimes the same thing)
5-Woman don't like being called "fuckface"

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