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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wes Anderson = Heaven sent

Wes Anderson can do no wrong. I saw Rushmore for the first time when I was sixteen or so and at that time Max Fischer was the only thing I wanted to be. From the moment I saw that movie I refused to accept I couldn’t do every single thing I wanted to do. That movie taught me that passion wasn’t passion unless it was obsessive and all encompassing. Not to mention the fact that Bill Murray is the funniest man alive.

“What has she ever done with her life?”- Bottle Rocket. Classic moment.

If you haven’t seen Royal Tennenbaums your life is not complete. Once again Bill Murray.

Of his movies, The Life Aquatic is the one I tune into the least. That said I could still watch it about once a week for the rest of my life.

If I may be bold, and I may, Anderson’s newest film, The Darjeeling Limited is decidedly his best. Not to say that nostalgia doesn’t place Rushmore and Royal Tennenbaums in the favorites chamber in my heart, but damn, this film is just so good.

Limited follows the journey of three brothers meeting on a train, (Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody, Jason Schwartzman) ultimately in search of spiritual awakening. Underlying the current plot is the death of the men’s father one-year prior. An intriguing incident involving an auto garage is mentioned at the outset of the film but not addressed until you’ve forgotten about it. (Don’t worry, Wes wouldn’t show the gun without firing it.) Appearances by Anderson mainstay Murray and Angelica Houston put the final strokes of perfection on this masterpiece.

What happened to Wes Anderson when he was born? Did he have a very rare birth defect that forced him into a life of movie making genius? Was it a cataclysmic event that morphed his brain to one hundred times the power of other directors?

For my sake and anyone my age, I’m glad this fellow has been making movies for our life span. He’s already one of the greats, and we grew up with him.

See Darjeeling Limited. It’s for your own good.


Bryan said...

Yo, is this new movie in theater? Or did it actually come out on DVD already? I haven't heard anything about it.

sean said...

give it a couple weeks it will hit Wisconsin.

machONE said...

Oh word, did you see a lil sneak peek action? I just watched the preview and it looks rad.

You should get a message board link up on this mutha and give me something to do while I'm at work!

sean said...

did you go to the preview link in the story?

machONE said...

nah, it's on the website. I looked it up. I wondered if it was out or just coming out.

machONE said...

for some reason this blog at my work is all in wingdings. That's lame. I can get to comments. But not the story.