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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy One Week Birthday!!!

What if this guy got you pregnant?

So we've been at this a week now and things have changed greatly since we began. They put the Berlin Wall back up for christs sake. Right now im deciding if i want to watch Defending Your Life or Tell Me You Love Me.

(While were on the subject, if you have a desire to see a mans ass just flip to HBO right now and check out the latter.)

Heres what i listened to this week...
Fionn Reagan (whimsical little sprite)
PJ Harvey- white Chalk (get ready for the gloom)
As Tall As Lions (keeps me rollin during the work day)

Converge- You Fail Me (halloween tunes)

I watched...
The Heartbreak Kid (laughed 15 times at least)

Californication (What would Hank Moody Do?)
The Office (world's most creative boss)

Dan In Real Life (This corn is an angel.)
Lost In Translation (Bill Murray baby)

Brad Childress has no fucking idea what to challenge. That fucking guy, Vikings blow another one.

1 comment:

machONE said...

Dirt listen too...

Colour Revolt

HBO on demand right now has all of the wire.

Not sure if any service has that by you or not.