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Friday, December 7, 2007

How an English Major Jerks Off:

The Staring Contest

Dizzy in the day

Light on my eye

A fucking joke

Right about clobberin’ time

Kill it, Ray

Kibble for the little guy

Loopy last night

Where did that go?

Dry hair dusty with disease

Happening to the other dude

He’s gonna crack

There’s a sundae with gummy bears on it on the line

What a joking jacking japing juniper?

What a numbskulled nincompooped ninny

What a galloping gyrating gizmo

What a fallen forgotten faded fellow

What a happening hardy heartfelt halo?

What a satisfying scintillating scientific sick sin?

What a betraying benevolent baptizing battalion

What a ratifying raging redheaded rafter

What a debilitated disembodied deep dill diabetic

What a quantifying quarreling questionable quitter

What a calcifying captive commemorating caption

What a trembling tall tantalizing titillation

What a putrid portly portentous powerhouse

What a momentary mumbling methodical membership

What a late litigating lefty lollygagger

What a wooden wondrous whimpering winter

What a zagging zoological zygote

What a keen kilted keepsake kiln

What a gregarious gimped giving garage

What an abominable atheistic attainable atonement

What an offering offensive osteopathic other overage

What an edible evident exact effigy

What an undiscovered uncovered utilizing utterance

What an indelible inflammable incapacitating interest

What a varied veiny vinyl venereal vestige

What a xenophobic Xeroxing x-factor

What a yipping yelling yeah

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