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Sunday, December 2, 2007

“strings run through the jaw

and kill its motion without asking

fuck sick and dying and never was

and even trying happiness before returning it for the

full refund –

the rollercoaster with a morphing track,

but keeps passing the same balloon salesman with lupus,

plastic vomit tubes and no destination

the sun-filled wind can whiz at you so fast that

it becomes a space known only to you and the great cosmonauts of yore

your sweaty skin is an airborne prison,

the prisoner gets vacuumed away if he breaks out of its walls

the third place greyhound enjoys Purina with every taste bud,

but his master can’t go on”

do you want to listen to that other Bob Dylan record?


do you want to have sex?


do you want to eat chicken?


do you want to go to the zoo?


do you want to go crazy?


do you want to cover ourselves in pancake batter?


okay. get naked. we’re going to want to do this in the bathtub.

(he takes a bowl out and starts cracking eggs into it while she starts taking off her clothes)


(she is sorting through scratch-off tickets in the waste bin, looking so helplessly for a winner that she runs her hands through her hair, and he sits next to her and finds it with no problem. the ticket has three cherries in a row and it can be exchanged for $25)

gosh, that was lucky.

(her condescension does not come through to him)

i always have been.

(they kiss and before her eyes open they are in an enchanted forest, a panther purrs in a limb above their embrace. an older man with a walking stick crosses their path and she gives him the ticket and he also kisses her for a long time and his white fur is somehow comforting to her. the panther kills the older man in a spectacular display of blood, rainbow-like in its momentary simplicity and baffling arcing splendor, and feeds the body to his family for nourishment)


(she is an old lady breathing in a mask and floating on her hoverchair through the halls of the retirement community on the moon that her family has put her in. he has blundered his way into an autumnal period of wealth and he wrote a check to a doctor who gave him a young man’s body and he volunteers at the old folks home on the moon, reading to them and serving them meals out of some strange guilt for being wrongly young. she sees him walking toward her with his young smile and she hovers next to him)

do you want to be mine forever?

i’ll be yours for the last seventy years.

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