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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Love World Wide Dirt

I don't care if the sun don't shine.
I do my writing in the evening time when I'm on my blog.
You can sit in the sun and play.
I don't even know it's day when I'm on my blog.

I love Dirt in the summer.
I love her in the fall.
I love Dirt.  May I say that?
It's a rowdy shin-dig.
Yeah.  I love Dirt like Mitch Olson loves a gin swig.
I love Dirt every moment.
It's my favorite atmosphere.
I love Dirt.
Why, why do I love Dirt?
Because my money's here.

I love Dirt when I'm writing.
I love it when I read.
I love Dirt like Tanya loves furry mammals,
more even than she loves finding deals on Camels.
I love Dirt every moment.
For it's fans, I have to cheer.
I love Dirt.  Hell's Bells, do I love Dirt
Because my blood's right here.

I love Dirt when I'm stoned.
I love Dirt when I'm not.
I love Dirt just like my writing loves an editor,
more than if it was Sean's address and I'm a creditor.
I love Dirt every moment.
When I leave, I shed a tear.
I love Dirt.
Good God, do I love Dirt.
I'll make it good and clear.
It's because my girl's right here.

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