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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot in The City

i tell you, it is.
i cut some guy off in traffic while i was lost, looking for the St. Vinny's on Center.
There may not be a St Vinny's on center.
He was pretty nice about it though.
I think he was trying to help and gave me the wrong directions but such is life.
Its burning up though. I saw the brewers give up a million runs from a really good seat. courtesy of Greg Hemple and Lauren Landa.
i've been hanging with the cats. havin a good old time. peanut always wants something and Annie has been sleeping upside down.
I walked around in the mall by myself today. it was kind of a bummer but whatever.
i just wanted a drinking fountain. theres no free drinks at Mayfair.

Now that thats out of the way...

Faythe Levine and Sam Macon are working on a new film about sign painters. Sign painting as a craft isnt something a lot of us know much about because not a lot of people do it anymore. In day to day life you tend to forget that, things you may take for granted, (like signs) evolved form a complicated trade that has an entire subculture behind it.

Its really interesting to think that at a point and time every street sign in a city would have to be hand painted.

Sign painting as a trade/art form inspires a lot of interesting questions and answers connected to why things are (and arent).

So keep an eye on this project...
Heres a link to The Sign Painter BLOG

World Wide Dirt Circular Magazines are jammin pretty well. We've a got a lot of nice feedback from you (the loyal readers) about what were doing over here at WWD. So issues #4 and #5 will be coming in the next few weeks.

Really exciting news!!
There's an event at Art Bar on 7/13 at 9 pm.
Its called Excess Baggage and includes writings and songs dealing with RELATIONSHIPS (thats right, the big R word)
readers will include (amongst many talented others) WWD's very own Sean and Parker
check out the info and other works at the SHIFT FREEDOM BLOG

You can also buy copies of my first Novella House Of Will on the left-hand side of this screen. Available for digital download.

Last but not least here is the trailer for my upcoming film Heavy Hands. Edited by Patrick Walter. A lot more on this soon.


all right then!
lots of crazy things going on right now,
let all just keep working hard and putting our best foot forward,
Much love, WWD

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