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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby

somebody stop me,
I am catching fire over here, yow!

It was a nice week. I worked a bit and and saw some people doing some cool things...

How rude of me. How was your week?

hmmm? really? good?


(for the record i would hear you out if you were sitting with me now)

Its an exciting world. The rain ripped apart the city. Every artist in Milwaukee thinks Bob Donovan is a grand standing, low rent, two bit, loser idiot.

Really though, who does Bob Donovan think he is? lets break down that question.

Any person who gets their hair cut five minutes before a surprise news conference obviously has a seriously weak grip on reality.

Fucking Bob Donovan. An alderman for some district in Milwaukee.

Not much to say on this one. I'm angry at Bob the same way i'd be angry with a dog... or a baby. He didn't know any better. He'll never know any better.

But i know better, Milwaukee's art community knows better...and we don't forget...and we vote.


Here's some links to things that are going on right now.

Heavy Hands Trailer
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Sign Painter Movie

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