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Friday, July 23, 2010

There's a band called "Wormwolf"

I wish i could say it right now and everyone would believe me,
but it isnt like that really, it isnt respectable to say it all at once.
then again, hit the rewind,
take it way back,
and hold some point, the "Make it better point",
its time to get loud now,
its time to get scary.
Don said that the lifers werent so bad,
that this was there home and, and
everyone else was just visiting,
but it was rain storms,
sitting chairful corners,
meeting soon to be daddies,
and simply driving home.
There was smoke billowing form under the interstate,
so i called 911 and said it,
what if it mattered?
could it possibly matter?
it isnt one big "things that matter" contest,
nobody cares if it does,
we'll just push through the weaker
and consider all the reasons,
special and able and cursed.

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