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Saturday, January 8, 2011

magic Power

The name of a castle I tripped down as a young one
the neon sign of black tavern my parents danced
in while I rotated the appendages of a plastic happy meal monster
Where the secret passages go in the ivy-covered mansion in my dreams
The inner cheek of a woman screaming in a horror movie you watch drunk
The holographic kingdom of evil that disappears at the center of the city
which spins beneath it like a record 'neath its stylus
its bricks washed in dewey clouds
the hallway that leads on forever the one that
continues through every building man has or ever will build
the dreams that haunt a man while he snores in the pew of a hospital chapel
the eyes that peer through a painted portrait on a dark wall
the women with her back to you at the end of the room
the clearing in the woods where even the bugs get shy
& which is the way you came in?
the leaves blowing in from a bedroom closet, chilled by morgue slab
your mother the worty witch
falling and your foot morphs into the ground while the man in the cloak descends on you
how can a question be answered in a dream w/o you knowing what it is already?
a man made entirely of acids
we'll all meet there tonight, sleeping in the king-sized bed
that stretches to every bedroom in the country
& we'll float together through a giant's capillary and sail into his heart and together we'll
greet the things that live within the head-decorated gates that guard his fourth chamber,
together we'll draw our weapons.

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