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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Year That Everyone Died - Part 11 - It's Hard Out There For Critch

Follow the adventures of Steve Wilson in WWD's new series The Year That Everyone Died

I hate the fucking news.

A long list of sensationalized events, a hypnotizing, brainwashing, attempt to convince humans that they have a say in what happens. Marketed, manufactured to give the impression of looking out for common interest.

You turn it on and they tell you a group of people have been shot in a supermarket in Arizona, then (with little pause) those opposed to talk radio and extreme right commentators use the tragedy, the true and awful tragedy, to blame those they see as enemies...

And then Rush Limbaugh has the fucking nerve to say that “you cannot blame talk radio” even though he knows that things like this are partly his fault. And for once, just for once in his life, or Glenn Beck’s life, they could make something better, they could be a voice of compassion and accept responsibility for years of exciting violence and ignorance.

Instead they all see tragedy, a mentally insane man killing politicians in a super market, as an leverage point, as an opportunity to get a leg up in the media against their ‘enemies’.

And we’re all too stupid or blind, or in denial, to realize that this is a fight that nobody will ever win.

And for me maybe thats the only consolation, that while everyone pretends that this or that matters I will be alone, politically uninfluenced, eating my cheeseburgers and crunch wraps in peace.

And they’ll all scoff at me stuffing my face with Churches Chicken and the underage mother of two serving me and the sports section of USA Today, and they’ll pity all of it because ‘we don’t understand.’

Maybe I just need to grow up. But I guess if growing up means joining a giant lie...well...I guess I’ll stick with the Big Mac.

I’ve been depressed lately.

I have to go see my dad and I don’t really know what to say to him. I know he doesn't approve of me or what I do. I just want us to have a nice time. I think we’ll head down to the bar and watch the Packer game. Eat some peanuts, drink some MGDs stare ahead, make jokes at commercial.

I can’t make any calls and I tried to get a job at Jimmy Johns but they didnt want me. I think if I paid Rita back she might consider taking me back.

Uncle Don has a new girlfriend though. So thats cool.

Carter has been trying to eat the garbage. Yesterday we went down to the park and I struck up a nice conversation with a couple that were walking their pit bull named Tyson. We smoked a half joint shared a bottle of schnapps. The dogs ran together in the snow. It was a nice surprise.

Dogs got it figured out, whatever it is.

I had a dream last night I was on a beach stuck in the mountains.

I saw the girl from college the other day. She was waiting under the bridge on Russell as it rained. By the time I reached its shelter she was gone.

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