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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Year That Everyone Died - Part 15 - Another Brick In The Wall

follow the adventures of Steve Wilson in WWD's New Series The Year That Everyone Died

You’re not going to believe this. I found three hundred bucks last night.

Which was good because I think my snacking was severely cutting into my fundage. I was at a way station grabbing a mini pack of Oreo’s and a Code Red Mountain Dew when these two asswipes started fighting in the parking lot.


Fights are a funny thing, they pop up when you least expect it.

I got punched out at a Brewer game last year - all I did was egg on some guys by motioning to their busted faces and tell them they looked good that way, and some guy came out of nowhere and cheap shotted me.

The nerve of some people.


But anyway, these assholes just start fighting and they both of their families are in their cars screaming for them to stop.

I run over and Carter starts barking and he’s ready to get down. I grab one of the guys and push the other off.

Their a couple of red faced insurance claims adjusters or some other pussy job.

“Knock it off!” I said. and they start in again and are saying that the other is lucky that I’m not here and that the other better not see the other or the other will be sorry.

I’ve gotten into some fights in my day and it’s one of those things that really never makes sense. Raising your hands to another human is stupid 95 percent of the time. Sure, it’s funny and we all have a good laugh about it but really isnt ok. Someone could get hurt you know.

So these middle aged family having jerkoffs get in their cars and start their terrible drives to Whitefish bay or Mequon and everyone forgets all about the fun they had on their skiing trip.

And they don’t know that when they were fighting I snagged one of their wallets. Fair trade I figure, for them causing a scene.

Looks like Steve and Carter and getting a room at the Belmont suites.


I check in and wait till the front desk guy heads out back for a cigarette and run carter upstairs. The plan is to watch a bunch of movies an jump on the bed and head out for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse and buy those chicken critter things they have. Then I’ll still have about 140 bucks left and I can get gas and snacks for the morning.

Perfect. So I feed Carter and give him a rawhide - which are good for dog’s teeth. Its important to keep your dogs mouth clean with bones and such. Dental is expensive for dogs - and I walk to the Texas Roadhouse next door.

The place is like a ghost town. One bartender, one waiter and me. So I sit at the bar and some short busty girl brings me a whisky and soda. She’s nice and she tells me her name is Sarah.

“And where are you from?” I ask.

“Originally from Appleton. I want to move to Steven’s Point next year.”

“For college?” I ask.

“For the peace and quiet.” She says.

“It’s pretty quiet here”

“Yeah, but in a truck-stop sort of way. Have you ever been to Steven’s Point?”

“Yes, I dated a girl there for 3 1/2 weeks. Another?” I ask and point to my drink.

“See, Steven’s Point is a place, all this, all this outside little cities and locations, they’re just checkpoints between something and something else. Between Green Bay and Milwaukee. And Green Bay and the Twin Cities. And so on and so forth.”

“I never thought of it like that.”

“Have you seen the hills and bluffs in Steven’s Point. They’re amazing.”

I shrug my shoulders. “Say, do you do blow?”

She looks around and says yes.

“I found a hundred bucks. You wanna get some blow and hang out with me?” I ask.

And believe it or not, she does.

Sarah doesn't get done with work for another hour and a half so I order some wings and the chicken critters, then some fries, then a half rack of ribs, then a full rack of ribs, then a coke, then two more whisky soda’s.

And I throw some peanuts on the floor for fun.


We drive to some guy named Rudy’s house, who besides being a gun nut and a generally a huge weirdo is also a pretty nice guy.

He talks about how eventually the chinese or Japanese or something will try to invade the USA and how he will be ready. Which is a pretty ridiculous thing to say and more ridiculous thing to tell other people.

I nod along and eventually me and Sarah leave.


We go back to the hotel and do some blow and she tells me about how she works a few restaurant jobs and goes to all sorts of crazy events and parties in Vegas and New York and stuff.

And I realize that we both do lots of drugs and drink a ton but while I’m wallowing in self pity and pretending that life is hard, Sarah treats every day as a new way to party, a new way to be insane- and she loves it. She works for the privilege to rock the fuck out. I act like its a sentence which is put upon me.

It’s like we’re of the same race but different tribes.

We laugh a lot and she takes a shine to Carter. We fuck and hold each other and smoke cigarettes in a non-smoking room. Then we do more blow and watch TV and fuck some more - I know then that this is how dependancy should work. to drugs, to humans, to everything. It should all be a cycle, turning and driving and turning and driving, forever, until we all blow to pieces and shower down on the earth.


When I wake up I’ve already missed my checkout and Carter broke into the mini bar and ate everything. Sarah is gone.

And in a cloud of critters, ribs and blow - once again, I am broke.

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