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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Aint Sad Girl

And it never seemed like anyone wanted to mind their own beeswax. So lets just get out with it, shall we?

On nights where all the old world rushes on like half a nightmare. Like those reoccurring roads I have in my dreams that lead eventually to a huge restaurant/hotel/museum built into the side of the tree.

Or the gas station that is never really open, or (more often than not) the barn with the open door i can’t see inside. It’s there though, over a small valley from the house with the swinging screen door.

I consider everyone as up in the game. Hey, and maybe that’s what twenty-five-year old dudes think, that they can’t lose. Maybe not. I just like what I see going on and it seems like the universe is giving a payoff. And in my estimation they only come now and then. I remember being twenty and feeling like I was completely fucked (and a few times since then) but I’m still here.

I don’t know man.

You ready for the Downtown Books Extravaganza?

My rib feels terrible buts it’s summer and shit gets fun in Milwaukee.

Keep lovin and dreamin, devilishly scheming, be nice and respectful, and live these moments like a monster - but the good kind, like from Monster Squad.

And always remember that it isn't all roses for anyone, eventually we all take a hit. So be grateful and helpful.



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