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Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Morning Dirt

So something happened. It was between now and a long time ago when something else happened. It was a promise or a lie but it happened. Yep, I said i was going to start a weekly column called Monday Morning Dirt.

Thats a rip off of Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback. Which, if you are a football fan, you really must read.

Anyway, i was going to do a weekly column but i think i made two or three in a row (not including a half assed Monday Morning Dirt - Tuesday edition) then stopped.

Similar to my Sean Williamson Gets Clean Series, MMD fell by the wayside. Go figure.

I will say however, the 500 dollar Denny K reward is still in play. If I have not shown drastic health improvement before the end of my current film job. I will put up the dough.

That said, I lost seven pounds and have stopped eating bullshit and am considerably less ridiculous. But still, it’s a long summer.

I’m sort of into the Viking picking Christian Ponder. He seems smart. And for a team that has started Dante Culpepper, Tavaris Jackson, Jeff George, Gus (headbutt a wall and bust your neck) Frerotte and (hate to say it) Brett Favre, intelligence is an elusive thing.

By the way Packer fans, Favre is still the shit. THREE MORE YEARS! THREE MORE YEARS!

So Ponder on you Pondering Ponderweed.

Whatever, football is awesome.

The Brewers will win it all, and by “it all” i mean something or nothing. I’m sticking to it.

Check out these tunes:

So, every single member of my former band started a new band. They added one guy who is much shorter and much nicer than I am.

Either way, fuck these guys, making cool tunes without me. It’s like god shot me through the brain from a heavenly bell tower.

whatever though, it’s still sounding really good.

Im too busy or something anyway, to be in a band. I keep having to visit my model girlfriend, she lives in canada, so you don’t know her.

American Plains

moving on. Welcome WWD’s newest recording artist Hot Blondz. Right, thats a ‘z’.

They just put out a new EP and it will be available on i tunes in a few days. Unitl then, here is the bandcamp site.

So remember to live in the moment. The past and the future are two distractions ready to ruin you. Expectation will take. stay focused.

Want something. Want everything. Don’t matter long as you get some.

Good night Dirtonians

Sean Williamson

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