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Friday, June 10, 2011

Just So Lucky

I have a lot of fear for our world. Because it’s not our world and it never has been. We live here. We belong to it. And while we talk about how it will end, rarely do we mention that it won’t end at all, we will. This earth will expel us and that will be that. Then it will heal and something else will come along, scaring it, inflicting small injuries. The earth will expel that too.

And hopelessness is a terrible thing. While I have little hope in my heart for a change in human philosophy I do believe there are things to cherish and that the fight, the belief, and the strands of affection are all worth living for. We won’t change and it doesn't matter. Enlightenment doesn't exist. The only truth is an invented one.

But I’m saying this, so I could be wrong - which funny enough, also doesn't matter because nobody is right. I don’t even know why I’m writing this but I know why I write in general.

So we all have opinions, we all have strengths and guidelines for reason. So maybe human kind will end, maybe i’ll fall romantically for a person or an ideal, maybe I’ll get hit by a straw bullet and die un-miraculously, or maybe I’ll live long and die how I’ve always wanted - skydiving into a volcano.

Maybe we’ll kiss like bandits and drink sour apple slushies, maybe we’ll brawl like devils, maybe we’ll ride the city bus, maybe we’ll race muscle cars off desert cliffs, maybe we’ll see our children grow and laugh, maybe life will try to take everything away from us, maybe the more we have, the harder it’ll try.

I don’t have the answers for any of this, and the world won’t have them, no matter how hard I look.

But we’ll always have the gift, of waking up, getting dressed and breaking hearts.


Dick Monkey said...

I like this until the last line. The last line I have a love/hate relationship with. The last line makes me either love this piece or hate it. Well Fucking Done!

Julia said...

"...the world won't have them, no matter how hard I look." sounds like we will certainly always wake up heartbroken. I like that last line because it turns the whole thing over. Mostly because suddenly it's about all of us.