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Sunday, June 19, 2011

it's an....


Do you dream of wandering through tall windy stacks and then seeing someone reading a story aloud?

Perhaps you like very dusty things, and also music performed by obscure but talented musicians from Milwaukee?

Or, you like cats. Specifically Milo and Merlin, the cats that live at...


If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you should come to the Domestic Gastronomists/World Wide Dirt sponsored DOWNTOWN BOOKS EXTRAVAGANZA!

June 23rd (this thursday) at Downtown Books (327 E Wisconsin Ave)
Doors open at nine (when we usually close) and the shows start at 9:30
     **I say shows, because this will be a multi-staged event, with people performing live art, music and
           literature simultaneously, on various stages.

Performers Include:

WWD's Dirt (Sean Williamson) and Guy (Parker Winship)
Nick Kotecki
Bethany Price
Sleeper Lake
Le Anna Eden
Mary Shippee
Travis Thorp
Rebecca Pollack
A Robot!!!!

and OTHERS!!!!

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