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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Shutter Island Dream

This is a real dream I had after I saw Shutter Island

You were following Leonardo DiCaprio into the resort, he beats this crowd coming down the sidewalk but you get tangled into it.  You follow him in.  He asks someone where a place is and they point him to the bathroom which is good because you have to pee so bad.  There is an old sign that says “Lime” and you know it means “Harry Lime.”

You pee and you lose him but you find him, somewhere you become Leo and you’re looking for someone else but someone else is also following you.

You're looking for a doctor.  A pregnant woman asks if you know him, asks for his card to perform a surgery but you don’t have it.  You go through your businees cards, they’re all beaches and light houses.

You realize you left your hat and coat at the table, but your friend (wasn’t he the one following you? are you the doctor?) says he traded them for cards.

Your friend is bigger than you but you tell him you’re going to beat the hell out of him.  He asks how that’s going to work.  You pull out two wallets, identical, eve similar tears in them and it shuts him up.

You’re walking around a resort or a mall to find your coat and hat.  You ask him if he has friends.  He asks from where?  You say from the war, buddies from school like anyone else

You suddenly realize it’s not a movie, it’s a dream, and you won’t find out what’s going to happen because nothing is going to happen, you’re making it up as you go along, so you wake up.  As soon as you start writing, the phone rings but you tell them you’ll call them back in a minute.  It seems like it would make a good movie, but the more you right out, the less sense it makes.

1 comment:

Pashmina said...

"Your friend is bigger than you but you tell him you’re going to beat the hell out of him."

When someone tells you not to think of DiCaprio, what do you think of?