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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#500, MFF - We Need To Talk About Kevin

This is the 500th post ever ever on World Wide Dirt and what better way to celebrate than with a meditation on a film about a bow and arrow kill spree?  We got a Kristin Peterson photo and a sleep-deprived movie reviewer, and I will throw in a poem just for fun.

We Need To Talk About Kevin played at the Oriental Monday night.  It begins with a tomato fight.  The whole movie is full of spills and slush and rain.  At first it travels in a spiral between time frames, but eventually the movie kind of settles into a flashback.  Here is what is awesome: there is a really off relationship between Eva, played by Tilda Swinton, and her son Kevin.  It is abusive and dysfunctional and they don't get along, but sometimes, and this is the part I really like, they just do.  There's no motive for it, no solid dramatic justification, just an emotional one.  They embrace and you don't know why, but you feel it, just like day to day a person feels different though maybe they don't know why.

John C. Reilly was cool too.  He's not John C. Reilly, but he has enough personality to fill this character that's not there, not a definable person, just a man on the periphery of a woman's memory.  It's a certain kind of actor that can give weight to air.

Here, as promised, a bonus poem:

there were nights maybe mornings? after class?
he never went to math.
that he would read to me stories about roses maybe lillies
that really were women and f-stops
after maybe midnight in the iberian peninsula
dreams--lovers are made this way

neighbors had a cat named Grolsch and
later in my new 22 I would discard possibly
to the left
with a sprinkler in rain

and I would fall deep asleep
snortling hastened breaths, first time
I may sleep
not pretend to sleep
in a stranger's bed who liked the same music as me.
He smiled too much but told a damn good
story.  Maybe?  I'll find out if I like it better and
report back to you.  Or mom.
She will call him Prince
after Harry
or the other one.

HAPPY 500!  Time to beddy-bye.  Sweet dreams!

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