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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

helium dreams

what if i were to right down exactly what i was thinking right now?
"radian" by air is a good song
i am thrilled
i just got over a cold and when i did it was like i was an alien on earth but more like i was on vacation in my own life
i'm not worried, which is unusual
i love getting over a cold as long as it doesn't fuss up my lungs
you feel high but better, like your mind is bruised but you still think fine
i took a walk the other day after a movie and i thought "i could live here" (as in i could end up in a place like this one day) when i was looking at these professors' houses and lawns just off campus, it was green, brown, cool.  there was a party and baby's were crying and someone said, "we're office neighbors," rugs nailed to the wall, smokers on the front porch.
i only realized later it looked just like my parents' neighborhood.
what is that feeling edging over me?  it's broad and almost oppressive but i'm more here because of it
(i didn't really write everything was thinking)

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