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Sunday, September 25, 2011

MFF - Late Night, Dish Guy Edition

So I got done washing dishes with Parker and we decided to grab our guy Joey and head over to The Best Damn Fucking Midnight Program Ever. Shit.

I tell ya, checking out short film showcases is cool for many reason, variety obviously, also if you’re not into something that much, you can probably handle it for eight minutes.

Anyways - wait - is “anyways” a word? I’ve heard no. well anyways we had some good stuff in the shorts showcase.

Robots talking about robbing banks - Little dude pooping out an egg - Bears and prostitutes - Dinosaur Ballet - and Max Fischer’s dad talking about honey being sucked off his dick.

So that something right?

Pretty Pumped to see the Gainsbourg film tonight. Hopefully see you all there.

Big week coming up.

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