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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Milwaukee Film 2011

Well here we go. We’ve made it another year around the sun and it is time for the 2011 Milwaukee Film Festival. This year the folks over at MFF have been kind enough to grant World Wide Dirt press credentials, so we’ll be reviewing films, doing interviews and reporting party antics from today until the festivals conclusion on Oct. 2nd.

Exciting huh? I think so.

So I’m gonna start the party right now and give you a little rundown of what’s going on with my feature Heavy Hands.

I just received another shipment of footage from my people over at Pro 8 MM. They are based out of California and are really just lovely. Everything looks pretty good and I lost a minimal amount of footage in the ole mugging a couple months back.

So now it’s down to the job of editing as I go along. I have a pretty good edit going on the first act as well as dialogue and background noise for everything.

In the last shoot with Milwaukee’s own Marissa Nans as well as fill in Milkman Billy Mills I recorded sound on site. So we’ll just have to see how it all matches up.

Also did a shoot with star milkman and overall awesome guy Jake Bohanon. His involvement in the film started over a year ago when I worked at the Palomino. He walked in one day with a dapper new do and had MILKMAN written all over him.

All and all things are going really well. I just put together the new trailer and me and Tyler Luther will be getting to the music this week.

I’ve been putting quite the ensemble cast together and am really jazzed for everyone to see how their scenes turned out. I personally I’m liking what I’m seeing.

Whitewater cast – Mitch Olson, Aaron Patnaude, Jim Winship, Parker Winship, Billy Mills and me.

Milwaukee – Frankie Latina, Nick Sommer, Kelly Cunningham, Amelinda Burich, Marissa Nans, Jake Bohanon, Travis Thorp, Jeb Platt, Erik Ljung, and Colby.

Silver Lake – Sheila Teruty

Dogs – Carter and Frank

So you can see the potential right? And I still have one more act to shoot. Be surprised my friends, prepare to be very surprised?

But for now, head over to the MFF gala party at Discovery World and check out as many flicks as you can.

But be SURE to see POINTS OF INTEREST – Friday Sept 30th. MARK IT DOWN.


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