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Monday, September 26, 2011

MFF - Date Night

It’s a rainy sunday and I walk past Henry’s where I see a couple married friends, standing smoking beneath the bars street side canopy.

“What you doin?” Derrick asks.

“I’m headed to the Downer. They got a shorts showcase about relationships. It’s called Date Night. I’m going alone.”

We laugh at the irony and I buy a bottle water from CVS before heading in. Now, it’s not like I couldn't have gotten a date (right?). I could have, I could have, I could have. Well whatever.

It’s a hell off a thing, an event that attracts couples. Cause some are playing kissy face some are arguing a little

(would you like to sit here? would you answer me? I did honey - I said Yes twice.)

One thing about a theater full of couple is that half the crowd doesn't know how to shut the fuck up. Really? what is it? Throw a little sexual tension in the mix and all movie etiquette goes out the window. Talk talk talk.

Either way I was impressed. Maybe I just like things in little doses. I always wanted to open a restaurant called Sean’s Little Bites - where you could have little portions of everything you like. One shrimp, one piece of steak, one broccoli, one chewy chips ahoy, one cheese curd, one baby pickle - well, you get the idea.

I was really impressed by a short called Dear Abbott.

I watched all these funny, sad, cruel tales of love and when it comes down to it, these films told me what I already knew. Relationships are horrifying, sure things can work out, sure things can be fun, uplifting and gratifying but love is the devil, no doubt about that.

Lets dance with that devil. I’m ready.

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