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Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey Pretty Pretty - Opening Night MFF

I didn’t bring a pen or anything. I’m also not huge on tape recorders, cameras or the factual retelling of any event. But I guess I’ll try to round it out real nice like.

John Axford and Randy Wolf and I attended the opening film at the third annual Milwaukee Film Festival.

The film was called Natural Selection and while there were things I didn’t like about it there were plenty of thing to like about it. And considering that making movies is hard as shit, thats three fourths of an endorsement. got that?

After the film I skipped out on the Q and A and got the quesadilla slice at Ians. It was above average and Jack and Parker picked me up and we rolled to discovery world.

I must have lost the Ax Man along the way. It was like the time me and President Obama hit up the east side for our joint birthday party. He got caught up with a bad crowd at Rascals so I dipped.

Anyway, what an opening night event they had! I mean hot damn! We got drinks, we got mini burgers, we got burlesque dancers, we got a Serge Gainsbourg cover band. And we got friends, well wishers and too many pretty ladies to count.

Shout out to Ghazal Sheei who orchestrated this barn burner. Cool lady, cool name, cool party.

Then I went home, went to foundation, ate a hot pocket in bed. You get the gist.

So here’s the plan. Lets support the Milwaukee film fest in any way we can. It makes the city more fun, it’s as plain as that.

Check the SITE. See some stuff.

Also Check out the AV Club write up by WWD's very own Parker Winship.

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