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Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 4

Fresh Squeezed orange juice is the only thing anywhere close to being delicious as Mountain Dew. Peanut butter and apples is decent.

I watched some of The Ghost Writer last night. Pretty cool flick. I buy a lot of bootleg movies from this guy out front of the super market down the road. We’re buds now. And usually he’s got really good quality stuff. The other day he screwed me though, gave me a bunched of fucked up DVD’s.

Am I mad that I can’t watch I Am Number Four? Sort of. Cool movie cover.

Anyway, still hanging in there. Drinking lots of water and eating fruit.

Yesterday me and Jack were rinding in a cab to Ocean Mall (where the McDonalds is) He asked if I knew what was close to The Ocean Mall.

I did, it is the McDonalds.

At that moment I was thinking about after a month I would reward myself by eating at THE GREATEST MCDONALDS IN THE WORLD or by going to El Corral Burger, which just opened by my apartment.

I was weighing the pros and cons and what have you. I guess I have some time to decide.

Wanna waste some time? of course you do. You’re already reading World Wide Dirt.

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