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Sunday, April 24, 2011

patti smith synchronicity

i could already tell it was late when i woke up.  i had a dream where i checked the clock and it was still early and then i woke up and wanted to look at the clock and then i fell asleep and dreamed about looking at the clock and it was still early.  i woke up and said, "fuck."

i drove to the grocery store and usually i want to hear music, but not today so i drove through estabrook park listening to an npr anchor interview patti smith.  i was like, "oh, she's cool," so i kept listening.  she is cool.  she lived in the chelsea hotel trying to be an artist, knew the coolest people ever born and was robert mapplethorp's girlfriend.  she was 20, 21.  i was like, "fuck, i'm 25."

she wrote poetry on the side and at some point she started performing poetry with a backing band, which is something a lot of poets i know frown on.  this is when i arrived at my girlfriend's house and shut off the car so that's where the story ended.

i walked inside, put away the groceries, and set about cleaning things so it would look nice when my parents came over tonight (for i was going to make them easter dinner).  i unfolded my laptop so i could listen to music while i swept the kitchen.  i thought, "i know patti smith is cool but i hardly ever listen to her music," so i put on the album they were talking about, which is called Horses.

as many people know, this is a really great album.  the first song is called "Gloria" and it comes in two parts: "In Excelsis Deo" and "Gloria." the second part is a cover of the Them song.  "what?  that is awesome," i thought.

about the time the album finished i had completed cleaning the kitchen (i take my time with these things) and was about to start on the bathroom.  i put on another patti smith album (actually this one was a patti smith group album) that i looked up because i wanted to hear that one song of hers that she wrote with bruce springstein, "Because The Night."  The name of the album that really incredible song is on: Easter.

it seemed like a very circular demonstration of time.  sometimes i get those euphoric moments where i think on some moment from the past and something seems to stretch from it through time like some wormhole (though no one knows if those really exist) and touch the moment i was living and thinking in right at that second and everything makes more sense than usual and i kind of feel floaty or like i have extra eyes on the side of my head and can see more.  this was not one of those moments but it reminded me of them and it was cool nonetheless.