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Friday, April 1, 2011

Colombian Rundown Week 1

So I’ll start from the back and work forward, then to the middle then back and forward - and that’s what she said.

Ok then. Ever been on a taxi ride where you weren't sure if you’d live or die, if you were awake or dreaming? I have now.

This guy picked us up and was blasting Coolio’s Gangstar’s Paradise. He must have gotten one of these shitty mixing of american music from the super mercado. We also listened to Milli Vinilli and Metallica as he swerved to the music and screamed “you are all cocks” (En Espanol) out the window.

Towards the end, when I was pretty sure I’d be ok, I thought it was funny.

Something terrible also happened that night, as a different cab driver was robbed and killed.

The sooner we all figure out that killing each other isn't getting anyone anywhere, the better.

But I guess the US is involved in countless conflicts across the world, so I guess it is getting us somewhere. And it isn't anywhere good.

In other news I have been watching a good amount of movies but have also made it my mission to get out a good deal more. I have been going to the nearby beach town of Taganga, it’s pretty and they have some cool bars. All the burritos seem pretty soggy around here, which is a problem.

Just this week I have watched Youth In Revolt, which I actually enjoyed much more the second time around - Michael Cera is in the “Do no wrong” realm for me right now.

The Kids Are Alright - Though I’m a fan of literally everyone involved domesticity makes me uneasy and so did the film, which I’m sure says more about me than anything else. Also do kids really think it’s funny to pee on dogs heads? If I saw some teenager doing that I would execute his ass.

The Secrets In Their Eyes. “You will have a million pasts and no future.” If you don’t see this monster of a film the jokes is on you.

I’ve eaten at El Santo in Santa Marta like 5 out of the last 8 days. They are super cool, super tasty and they have one of the cutest dogs ever keeping watch.

If you are in Santa Marta, check that, anywhere in the world, go out of your way and eat at El Santo.

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