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Thursday, April 7, 2011

ka-nock, ka-nock, upon the slim gables

to Carl Small, care of Carl Small, Jr.
who's now in the care of Carl III
married to the daughter of Emma Mae Jones
can't rip any ream - even with a machine
he's lame as Gerty MacDowell and can't hold a job
& he can't keep count of the pulsars he's robbed
his hair is weighed down heavy in rivulets
of titanium alloy
but his ears were leaves in the wind - when he bikes
he heaves harrowed, manic, mimed, + stolen memos
and collects dolls, rotten oranges, skirts and salt shakers
to gratify still umpteens, cracked foragers sidetripped knickwise

The sharp spool of the can opener throbs his back
like an enormous katana of blood and vengeance and penultimate
hatre of life tself, so that the round spool, lump-ridden around its
circumference, actually cut like a guilt struck Samurai's blade.

by Nick Kotecki, Kristin Peterson, Bethany Price, Mary Shippee, Doua Thao, Parker Winship

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