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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sean Williamson Gets Clean

Play this Song, then read.

In what may be his most daring feat yet, Sean Williamson gets sober.

I was listening to this radio lab episode the other day about conquering inner demons and it had a bunch of good stuff to say. They had different examples of the lengths people will go to to defeat their worst enemies, which in this case and their case, is themselves.

This Radio Lab episode gave me an interesting idea...

It’s been about ten years now of partying and carrying on and I’ve gotten tired man. I wake up feeling terrible and feel terrible most of the day. I stay up super late and I feel stupider and fatter with each passing moment, I eat tons of fast food, drink too much, smoke too much and so on and so forth.

I don’t like who I am a lot of the time and the constant partying has turned from funny/fun to something that is neither. Thats just how it is. Not everyone should curb their partying but I should.

So heres the plan. No more drinking, no more smoking, no more drugs of any kind, no more chips, and no more....soda. That last one was tough to type. I will exercise, eat two meals a day and drink a lot of water.

And I’m telling you this so I can’t back out. Because what kind of person would make a promise like this on his website and then back out, who does that?


2 meals (+1 small meal, salad or something else I’ll hate)

No cigarettes

No Booze except celebrations (friends weddings or birthdays) or accomplishments (completion of my current project or completion of a film or book) or funerals.

Exercise 5-6 times a week


and the fun part (I guess) is I’ll be giving daily updates, or at least as many updates as possible.

AND if I FAIL to get in better shape, FAIL to get clean, FAIL to fulfill my promise - Then I will shell out 500 dollars at Denny K’s for drinks for all my friends that show up.




tjthorp said...

Loooved that episode or Radiolab. Best of luck, my friend! You are missed!

Guy said...

if you don't stay clean, i will kill myself. hope that helps.