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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Three Main Truths

i will be pithy about this penny dollar
hoping deeply that the motility of my lips,
tongue, and teeth will and may bee-keep
the listener, you, from rolling your eyes

like grandma did teach

and it may mean something to you.

so, in a tripdych projection
of what i mean, this is where it begins:

1. hero shot while foiling robber, rapist
from stranger. He is alive don't worry. and
people congratulate him every day of his life
and sometimes when we realizes he doesn't know how
to really show affection
or that he puts his head in his mouth around women
he looks back and feels calm. he did something once.
and this is enough.

2. I live close to Taiga and when I close my eyes
there are outward floating sparkles.
if i desired so, i could
catch a fish
and let it go

3. a ruthless scythe of "what?" may
possibly be the best way
to hear him say, "yes."

- Kristin Peterson

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