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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Check Point

Yo Yo!

So I’m back in Milwaukee for a hot minute. And let me tell you what, its been a whirlwind week.

I left last friday from Colombia, which meant I took a four hour bus ride at 6 AM to the airport. I got there and hung out in the airport. I had pancakes, it was the second time this year, and as I feared, one time too many.

Anyways I got through customs. They harassed me a lot less with out a fucked up haircut.

Flight delay - Florida - barely make my flight to Chicago - Chicago.

Guy picks me up at the airport and we drive to Milwaukee.

Milwaukee - eat Jimmy Johns, talk with franklin, drink a beer at KP’s, pick up Tanya, hang for a second, make mac and cheese for Tanya. Slept.

Wake up. Play a couple games of Madden with Billy. Almost miss Badger Bus to madison but don’t.

Arrive at Memorial union - Sister Alyssa picks me up. We drive to Sparta. Sister Caitlyn doesn't know I’m back in the country.

Go to their hotel. She is surprised.

Eat a philly Steak, drink some pabst, play Apples to Apples, win Apples To Apples. Then i farted a couple times. slept. woke.

Went on a bike ride with my family. It’s cold and windy at first, then it’s nice all day. There were hills and busted barn, some lake, dead cow and deer skeleton.

Ate combos, some chex mix, juice, couple skittles.

Walked down a tunnel 3/4 a mile long. Yeah, for real.

Drove back to Madison and ate at Monies, chicken veggie wrap - dope.

Hung at my sisters place, watched Louis CK standup, find out Bin Laden is dead, me and mach made facebook jokes, watched King Of The hill, slept. woke.

Ate Mac and Cheese, watched Toy Story 3 with Caitlyn, take the Badger Bus to Milwaukee. Get off on 84th street, walk 28 blocks home. It’s was a hell of a nice day.

Do standup at Franks. Hang with Guy and Lil T. Lil Le kills it. Slept. Woke.

Met with the Trav Man. Went to Nick Lits birthday party. Laughed at his new ID picture for a long time. stayed out late, ate classic slice and taco dip. Slept. Woke.

Met with Trav Man and Guy and talked about Heavy Hands. Set up shoot. Talked about A Wild Introduction, new novella, or maybe short novella, or long short story, or regular sized short story. The term escapes me.

Clean the backyard, put on new toilet seat, watch NBA playoffs, play Madden again, make hummus, watch Planet Earth


Tomorrow - Get chicken wire, send emails, Lone Wolf Reading at Henry’s, I will read chapter one and maybe chapter two of The Year That Everyone Died - Season 1 - Rich and Free.

TYTED by the way is a drug fueled, ghost/traveling/dog/hyperlinked sex romp. Through constant editing and re-writes of the series that originally ran on World Wide Dirt I have created something passable as an American work of fiction.

Never be bored again day job folk. Can’t watch Madmen because you’re scared your boss will see. Online/text-hyperlinked/serial/drama. The Year That Everyone Died.

Friday Gallery Opening Sky High/Pop Up/Monica Canilao - yep - will be awesome Milwaukee, come join the fun.

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